Wifi Cash

Earning money from the Internet through  games is the most searched and requested field by young people who want to profit from applications .

Where we find the Arabic application Wifi Cash  contains a group of games, which can be enjoyed and profit from them at the same time.

So, in this topic, we will discuss how to work in the Wifi Cash application , as well as knowing all the other profit  methods that it contains.

Earn money from the Internet easily from the application of games WifiCash 

The Wifi Cash application gives  its  users a set of ways to collect points, and they are all easy and simple ways that we will learn about as follows:

Earning from games

WifiCash offers you  some  fun  games, which you can play for at least one minute until you get the points.

The longer you stay in these games, the more points you have in your balance.

daily prize

In the interface of the Wifi Cash application, you will find a  box  called  “ Daily Prize” , just click on it and you will get 20 points.

And every day you do the same thing in order to get another 20 points.

Spin the wheel of fortune

This beautiful and fun game is also available to you in  WifiCash ,  and you can play it 100 times a day.

You will get between 1 and 5 points, for every spin of the wheel  and you and your luck.

visit sites

in the Wifi Cash application, you will find  some  sites  that you can access and read the articles inside, and for each article you read, you will get 5 or 10 points.

Watch videos

 The WifiCash mobile money earning application also contains   some videos that if you watch them, you will earn points.

Download apps

The Wifi  Cash application puts   at your disposal a set of applications and games, you will only download them in your phone in order to get 10 points.

Profit from inviting friends

You can increase your earnings in the   WifiCash online earning application  without effort or trouble, by inviting your friends to download the application. You will get 50 points for every friend you invite.

Ways to withdraw from the application of earning from the Internet Wifi Cash

 The WifiCash earning from internet application provides you  with  two main ways to withdraw your profits, knowing that every 1000 points equals 1 dollar:

USDT : The minimum withdrawal amount for this digital currency is $10.

Paypal : The minimum withdrawal amount on Paypal is $10 as well.

There is also an application for  making money from the Internet,  Wifi Cash  , to withdraw profits by bank transfer if you collect 50 dollars, but we do not advise you in this way in order to preserve your personal information on the bank card.


Before you withdraw your earnings from the  free Wifi Cash earning application , it is necessary that you subscribe to their telegram channel which you will find at the top of the application interface.