Making money online without effort isn’t it great Of course he is wonderful and we are all looking for him.
Most of the profitable applications and websites depend on work and effort in order to earn money.
But the TraffMonetizer site will make you earn dollars without doing anything, and this is what we will explain in this article.
So Continue reading the topic with us to find out how you will start making profits from your phone via the profit website via the internet traffic Monetizer.
Earn online effortlessly on the TraffMonetizer com website
The basic idea of the website for earning through the internet traffic monetizer is that you share your Internet throughput with him, and he will give you money in return.
Whether you have Wi-Fi or work via phone data, you can earn money using the internet on your phone or computer if you own it.
How to register on the website of earning via the internet traffic monetizer
The first thing you will do is to register on the website of earning by internet TraffMonetizer, after which you must activate your account through the message that the site will send you to your email.
Installing the TraffMonetizer application
After registration, you will install the application for the site of profit by net traffic monetizer, which you will find a link to at the bottom of the site interface.
You can also install a special program on the site, if you have a computer, whether Windows or Mac.
And the more you install the application and the software of the site in several devices, the more you will significantly multiply your earnings.
The online earning site TraffMonetizer will give you 5 dollars as a gift, and you only need to collect another 5 dollars to reach 10 dollars, which is the minimum withdrawal.
Activating profit in the application of making money via the net traffmonetizer
After you have installed the program for earning by internet traffic monetizer in your phone, you should return to the site and copy the link that you will find at the top of the site interface.
When you enter the application, you will be asked to put the link that you copied from the site, and then the application interface will appear to you.
You will find this Service is stopped box, just click on it to turn into Service is running, and so the internet throughput sharing feature will be activated with the application to earn money via the net TraffMonetizer.
And always make sure that this word on line is located at the top of the application on the right, because it is proof that the profit is activated and the application has started to withdraw your Internet throughput.
You can click on the Setting box, if you want to change the way you share the internet with the profit application via the internet traffic monetizer. So you can choose to share the internet with Wi-Fi WiFi or via 3G or 4G phone data….
If you choose Wi-Fi, you must click on the Traffic via wifi only box.
If you choose phone data, click on the Debug mode box.
Profit from the referral link
If you would like to increase the number of dollars that you can earn from the beginner’s online profit site TraffMonetizer, the easy way is to share the site with your friends.
You will return to the site, click on the menu, then click on referals, copy the referral link and send it to friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and others…
The site will give you 10% of the total profit that your friends will earn from working on this site.
Ways to withdraw from the profit application via the online traffic Monetizer
Brother, the website of profit by net traffmonetizer provides you with a set of well-known withdrawal methods, which will facilitate the process of withdrawing your earnings.
And the withdrawal methods are as follows :
Paypal, Payeer, Payoneer, Web Money, Skrill, Bitcoin, TRC20 USDT.
The minimum withdrawal amount on the Traff Monetizer online profit site is دولار 10, and as we have already indicated, after registration you will receive$ 5 and it remains for you to collect only another$ 5.
When you reach 10 dollars and want to withdraw it, you should head to the site and click on the menu and then on Payments.
If you go down to the bottom, you will choose the withdrawal method you want, then put the number of the wallet you are going to withdraw with and press Save.
Thus, you will save your withdrawal method, which will make you withdraw your winnings automatically.