The Toluna survey site is  one of the most important sites for making money from the Internet  , guaranteed and honest, and very easy to work as it is based on answering surveys only. 

If you like to profit from sites , I advise you to try this beautiful site. All you have to do is carry out surveys, collect points, then convert them into dollars and withdraw them easily. 

So, in this topic, we will explain to you how to make money from the Internet  for beginners with the Toluna website.

 How to make money from the Internet for beginners with Toluna

Toluna  Surveys  is among the most honest companies in the field of making money from the Internet  from websites, thanks to its great reputation in the Arab world.  

It is enough to know the international companies you deal with, the most important of which are Amazon, Coca cola, Fiat, and Sony.

Explanation of the Toluna website

The explanation of the Toluna website  is that you will find a set of questionnaires and polls, which you must enter and complete in order to earn points for them. 

These polls contain a variety of topics, you may find them related to politics, sports, culture, etc…

prefers that you answer the questions with correct answers based on your knowledge and experience in them, in order to ensure that the points reach your account and that you are not subject to stopping your subscription if you manipulate the answers.

The Toluna earning site gives   you 100 points for each survey you complete, and its duration does not exceed approximately 5 minutes. 

So you can answer several surveys every day and collect many points in a short period of time. In addition to 500 points that will be added to your balance once you register on the site.

Earn by inviting friends

I advise you to rely on the profit from inviting friends if you want to double your profits on the  Toluna survey site , by sharing your referral link with your friends. 

If one friend registers through you, you will get 500 points, and your friend will also benefit from the same gift. Certainly, whenever you invite many of your friends to register on the site, you will earn points while you sleep and convert them into money.

Withdrawal methods from the Toluna survey site

When you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of 85,000 points, you can convert it into $20 and withdraw it to your PayPal account. 

Or you can take advantage of a discount coupon, after collecting 20,000, to buy whatever you want from the approved sites on the  Toluna money-making website that are located in your country.