The introduction of a brand-new currency is imminent.

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The Telegram Open Community (TON) is a blockchain-based digital effort that aims to be quick, safe, scalable, and capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. These are just some of the goals that TON has set for itself. It was constructed with these qualities in mind from the beginning. TON was developed to provide an alternative to Ethereum’s smart contracts and decentralized functionality that is extremely scalable, and it achieves both of these goals. TON is a cryptocurrency.

Gram, the personal service token used by TON, is represented by the company’s logo, which has the shape of a triangle. In addition to being made accessible for use outside of the Telegram app, it will also function as the primary cryptocurrency for the financial system that is housed inside the Telegram app itself.

Several of the Most Interesting Alternatives to Current Security Measures The encryption of the system is similar to that used by Telegram, and as a result, it offers an extra layer of protection against assaults carried out by cybercriminals.

A multi-blockchain infrastructure is now capable of doing tens of thousands of transactions per second because to a technology called Pace TON, which improves the architecture by adding more speed and scalability to it. Pace TON is responsible for making this capability a reality.

Anonymity It is very impossible for any kind of outside influence to exist inside the company given that the client base is completely anonymous and there is no public record of the transactions that have taken place.

There has never been a period in the history of the world when it has been simpler to have rapid access to money coming from other countries.

When it comes to transaction speed, TON is quicker than the blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it’s possible that it’s even faster than Visa and Mastercard; we’re talking about more than 1,000,000 transactions per second here. TON is a transaction network.

Instead of being saved on the computers of each individual client, it is quite likely that the information chain that is produced as a consequence of all of the actions will be distributed throughout all of the users of Telegram.