pi network

The first cryptocurrency to be mined on a decentralized network using a mobile device.

You may begin producing bitcoin right now by downloading our software for your smartphone, which is free and uses very little power.

Mining cryptocurrencies is a challenging endeavor.
Putting money into cryptocurrencies is a risky business venture.
The revolution brought on by cryptocurrencies is inaccessible to a sizeable segment of the population.

Mining cryptocurrencies is simplified by Pi.
Mining may now be done on mobile devices without resulting in the depletion of their batteries, thanks to advances in technology.
Decentralized digital money that cannot be altered in any way, cannot be faked under any circumstances, and is interoperable with all other systems.
Mobile First
Your mobile phone is able to work with this accessory, and the battery life of your phone will not be affected in any way.
User & Planet-Friendly
Security on a massive scale that is not only easy to use but also does not waste a significant amount of energy.
Downloading the mobile app on your smartphone is the first step toward starting to make money right now. Take part in the test phase of the product.
Do not return it to me under any circumstance!
Pi does not cost anything. Your participation in the network is contingent on receiving an invitation to do so from a current participant who is well-known and respected in the community. If someone has not extended an invitation to you, you will not be able to download the mobile app that is located below.
Questions That Are Generally Requested to Be Answered
Please be aware that the value of Pi does NOT indicate the existence of free money.
The value of Pi does NOT equal “free money.” It is a very time-consuming project, and the achievement of its goals will be contingent on the concerted efforts of all of the participants working together.
How do you compute Pi?

Using your mobile device, you have the ability to “mine” (also known as earn) the Pi cryptocurrency. Pi was conceived of be a tool for and is still being developed by everyday people.

Is it even feasible to do this? Is Pi a scam?

There is no myth around the number Pi. A group of recent Stanford University grads have come together in an earnest effort to make bitcoin more accessible to everyday users.

What is the point of even using this app? How do I collect more Pi?

You will be able to accumulate Pi by contributing in an easy manner to the Pi community if you make use of this program. If you give more money to Pi, the organization will give you a greater return on your investment.

Should I leave the program running so that other people may use it? When I use the app, will it use up my available battery life or my data plan?

There is no need for you to keep the application open for me to use. Pi will in no way cause your phone’s performance to degrade, decrease your battery life, or use any of the data included in your mobile service plan. After you have pressed the lightning button, you are free to close the program whenever you choose but Pi mining will continue in the background regardless of when you do so.

Why does mining occur at a higher speed for early members of the community?

Mining is done at a quicker speed by early members as a kind of compensation for the contributions that they made to the network at a time when those contributions were needed the most.

In what specific ways does the Ambassador serve their country? How does the group that makes money go about their business?

If you are an Ambassador and bring in new users to the network, you may be able to get a bonus that is equivalent to up to 25 percent of your standard mining rate. This bonus may be earned by bringing in new members.

Exactly what does it mean to play the function of Contributor? What are the steps I need to take to contribute?

Becoming a Contributor gives you the opportunity to increase the amount of Pi you have access to by allowing you to create a security circle with three to five other reliable individuals.

Exactly what do you mean when you say “safety circles”?

It is the responsibility of every member of Pi to establish their own personal safety network, which should include between three and five dependable people. Security circles offer security for the money by establishing a global trust graph that prevents fraudulent transactions from being carried out by malevolent parties. This helps to avoid losses that would otherwise result from such transactions.

Are you able to provide me an estimate of the value of Pi?

The current worth of Pi is around zero dollars, euros, or other currencies; this is similar to the value of one bitcoin in 2008. Pi’s worth will be maintained thanks to the contributions made by other members of the network, which may take the form of their time, attention, goods, or services.

Is it possible to uninstall my Pi? When will the process of the withdrawal begin, and when will it be completed?

No, you cannot withdraw Pi yet. You will be able to withdraw Pi or exchange it for other currencies after the project reaches its third and final phase and Pi is moved on a blockchain that is run entirely without a central authority. You will also be able to trade Pi for several other cryptocurrencies throughout this point of the process.

When will anything be worth the amount that Pi represents? When will I be able to buy “real” money with my Pi balance?

The value of a holder’s holdings of Pi may be turned into “real” money in one of two ways: either by making purchases of goods and services on Pi’s marketplace or by exchanging their Pi holdings for fiat currency. Holders of Pi will have this capacity.

Can I mine from a number of different devices all at once? What safeguards does the network have in place to prevent fake accounts, bots, and other automated programs from earning Pi?
Unfortunately, mining cannot take performed simultaneously on more than one device. The restriction that a user may only ever have one account across all of their devices is strictly enforced by the network. A multi-pronged defensive strategy is used by Pi in order to prevent the cryptocurrency from being mined by fraudulent accounts.


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