My Idle Plants

The My Idle Plants application  is  the best application for making money from the Internet by phone , as it is the best application for making money from the Internet  as one of the successful applications that belong to the  BigBig Cash company  known for its honest applications. 

The beautiful thing about such applications is that the way to work in them and earn money is very easy, by relying on playing only one game, collecting points, and then converting them into dollars. 

If you are looking for a real and honest application for profit from games , then I advise you to download  the best application for making money  from the Internet via the phone  , MyIdlePlants, and with a little effort you can withdraw your first dollars in the field of profit from applications . 

So, follow this article with us in order to get acquainted with the most accurate details of the game, and do not forget to watch the video in order to understand well in practice how to play in this application.

The best application for making money from the Internet is My Idle Plants

My Idle can be considered the best application for making money  , which  is based solely on playing, and it is a simple and fun game and at the same time you benefit from the points that will be exchanged for dollars. 

So, what you have to do is click on the application download link below this article, then start playing and enjoying your time, and withdraw your profits to your Paypal or Payeer account.

Ways to profit from the best application for profit from the Internet, MyIdlePlants

you can earn points in one of the best applications for making money,  My Plants  , in three ways, which we will explain to you in detail as follows: 

The first method: 

Immediately after entering the best money-earning application , you will see a vase in which a small plant is planted. 

What you have to do is press quickly on the place of the vase until it is sprayed with water and the plant begins to grow, and the faster you press, the water will continue to fall abundantly on the plant until it grows quickly. 

At the same time, you will notice a green bar moving at the top, when it reaches the gift on the right, you will win points.

The second method: 

spinning the wheel, which is an entertaining game based on luck, from which you can win points, pink gems, or tools to accelerate plant growth.

The third method: 

Above the profile box, you will find a second box that appears in the form of a message. If you click on it, you will win some points, and you can click on it again after two hours.

How to activate the checkout box

After you entered the best application for earning dollars ,  My Idle Plants  , you will find that the withdrawal field is not available. Therefore, the application officials set conditions that you must complete, and immediately after that, the withdrawal box will appear to you. These conditions are as follows:

The first condition: registration in the application

you must register in the application in order to fulfill the first condition, and registration, as you know, is very easy through Google or Facebook.

The second condition: spinning the wheel

The best money-making app My-Idle-Plants requires you to  spin the wheel of fortune 6 times in a row, a short advertisement will appear for you every time you spin the wheel. You must continue to rotate again and again until the required number (6 times) is complete.

The third condition: earning the gift

will click on where the vase is, and the plant will be sprayed with water to make it grow. 

This will make the green ribbon point towards the gift. And if you want to reach the gift quickly, you can use some tools that accelerate plant growth, and you will find them on the left.

The withdrawal method in the Sadiq application to earn money, My Idle Plants

After you are able to implement the three conditions, you will notice that the withdraw box appears below the profile box. When you click on it, electronic banks will appear, the most important of which are Paypal and Payeer . 

For PayPal, the minimum withdrawal amount is $1, and you can reach it if you score 10,000 points. As for Payeer, the minimum withdrawal limit is $1, and you will get it if you collect 11,000 points.

Earn money by inviting friends

You can also earn money by inviting friends , after you share the best application for making money from the phone, My Idle , through various social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter…). 

The application will give you 100 points for every friend referral, and after your friend writes your referral code. And if you also want to benefit from 100 points, you can write my invitation code, which is  Q3SCD3A6.