Profiting from advertisements  and collecting the largest number of dollars and digital currencies is an important matter in our time, and storing them in our electronic wallets is considered a treasure that can be exploited one day.

Digital currencies are witnessing a decline and rise every day, so if you own a significant number of them, one of them may rise at any time and benefit from selling it.

Mixfaucet contains several simple methods, which allow beginners to earn a number of cryptocurrencies in exchange for quick and easy tasks.

We will discuss more clearly in this topic all the ways to collect points on the  Mix faucet profit site  , and these points will convert them into currencies or dollars and withdraw them to your wallet, so follow us.

Profit from ads from the most powerful cryptocurrency site Mixfaucet

Like all  advertising profit sites , Mixfaucet provides you every day with many advertising sites and other ways to collect many points, to make you reach the minimum withdrawal in a short time.

After you complete your registration on the site, be sure to activate your account by going to your email and clicking on the link that the site sent you in the email.

Ways to earn from watching ads from Mix faucet

The site for profit from watching ads Mixfaucet has many methods for collecting points, all of which are easy to implement and do not require any experience from you, as well as not difficult, and they are as follows:

faucet points

When you click on the menu on the   Mix faucet site and then click on Faucet, you will go down to the bottom and bypass the captcha system and then click on Collecte Rewards .

You will get 50 points, and you can repeat this method every 5 minutes and 50 times every day.

short links

Click on the menu and then on Shortlinks, and you will find 30 short links that you can access and just bypass the captcha system inside these sites, to earn some points starting from 50 to 120 points.

Earn by watching ads

The site  to earn money from watching ads Mixfaucet every day contains 20 ad sites that you will visit and stay inside them for a period of time not exceeding 15 seconds, and you will earn between 15 and 30 points depending on each site.

You will get to the Watch Ads tab, by clicking on the menu and then on PTC ADS.

Execution of offers

Mix faucet includes the   most famous bidding companies that contain good and different offers and their points are excellent.

But you will not be able to implement these offers until you reach the fifth level in the site.

The location of the Offers tab is OfferWall after you click on the menu.

Point mining

The site for profit by watching ads Mixfaucet allows you to mine points without doing anything, just click on Mining and the Start box will appear.

Click on it to start mining the points for you, wait for it to collect 10 points for you and then click on Transfer and it will send you these points to your balance.

Be careful when you start mining in the Mix faucet site  ,  you should not leave the page until the number of points you want. If you exit the page you will lose all points.

Earn from referral link

Hundreds of points will go down to your balance and without any effort, if you just manage to get many of your friends to sign up on Mixfaucet .

You can take the referral link that you will promote by clicking on the menu and then on Referral, and you will earn 20% of the total earnings of your friends on the site.

Also try to publish the referral link through social networking sites, such as Tik Tok, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on…

Ways to withdraw from the site to profit from watching ads Mixfaucet

Mix faucet has developed a   set of withdrawal methods, in which you can withdraw your earnings from digital currency  or dollars.

In the following, you will find every electronic wallet and digital currencies supported by the site:

Faucetpay : If you own this wallet, you can withdraw your winnings with Bitcoin-Dogecoin-Tether-Solana. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 points.

Payeer : If you have this wallet, your winnings will be withdrawn by usd. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 points.

Binance :  If you have this wallet, you will take your money in Tether, and the minimum withdrawal is 50,000 points.

Coinbase : If you own this wallet, you will withdraw your winnings with Shiba coin. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100,000 points.

As for these coins, Tron and Litecoin, you can withdraw them to any electronic wallet you have available.