make money 2 rubles


Site to earn money 2 rubles supports payer ad-asd com

It is true that  any site to earn money  from watching ads and videos does not have high profits, but the important thing is that you be able to collect some dollars and put them in your payer wallet. 

You will work on this site daily continuously, and you will certainly be able to easily collect 2 rubles and withdraw them to your wallet.

How to earn money from ad asd earning site 

The  site is distinguished by  providing several ways to collect the ruble currency, which are as follows:

Earn by watching ads

 The ad-asd money earning site puts out  a  bunch of ads every day that you can visit and earn some cents from them.

For each ad site you visit, you will only wait 10 seconds in it, then try to bypass the captcha system at the bottom of the site and after that you will get 0.10 rubles.

To access the ads, you must click on the menu, then on “earn” and then click on “surf sites”.

Earn by watching videos

My brother, on an  ad asd earning site , you will find  some videos from YouTube, if you can watch them, you will earn 0.16 rubles.

You must watch the video to the last in order to be paid for it.

You will enter the videos through the menu, then click on “earn” and then on “YouTube”.

Daily Bonus

 One of the best ad-asd earning sites gives you   every day a small bonus of 0.01 or 0.02 rubles, by clicking on the menu and then on “24 hour bonus”.

At the bottom of the site you will find 2 advertising banners, click on one of them, wait a little, and then return to the site.

And every day you enter an  ad asd earning site , do the same and click on one of those ad banners and you will get some cents.

Earn from referral link

You will increase the number of rubles in your balance, by sharing  one of the best  ad-asd money earning sites  with all your friends and relatives. 

You can use all social networking sites to publish your referral link, such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more…

In order to get the referral link, click on the menu, then on “Reference” and then on “My Referrals”.

And the site will give you 15% of the total earnings of your friends from watching ads and videos.

How to withdraw from the site to earn money from the Internet ad-asd

you can withdraw your earnings from an  ad asd earning site , when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount of only 2 rubles.

And the only withdrawal method available on this site is through Payeer wallet .

But before withdrawing, you must take two important steps, which are as follows:

  • Activate your account on the   ad-asd website , through the link that the site will send to you in your e-mail.

You must go to “Account Settings” and click on “Send Link”, in order for the site to send the activation link to your email.

  • You must put your Payer wallet number in the space provided for it in the settings and then press “Save”.

After you complete these two steps, you will click on the menu, then on “Finance” and then on “Request Return”.

You will put the amount you want to withdraw and then press “Withdraw Funds”, and you will receive the withdrawal instantly in your wallet.

Important Tips

When you enter to register on an  ad asd earning site,  it will appear to you at first sight in Russian, and you must translate it into Arabic through the translation feature in the browser you are using.

Do not try to invest in an   ad-asd website , because more than 90% of sites similar to this site may be scamming at any time.

So pay close attention and try to work only in the ways that we explained to you in this matter, and for sure you will collect a lot of rubles in a few days.