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Open Free Boxes Earn Your Keep in Real Bitcoins!
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It is sufficient to only click on the boxes to open them.
You have the chance to win Bitcoins, Lootbits jewels, badges, and a whole lot more if you stick around! The opening of a box does not incur any costs, and you are free to begin started as soon as you want.
Refill free gems
You will get one free diamond at the top of each hour, giving you the ability to break open any number of boxes you want. You may speed up the process by inviting other people, playing a range of games, or completing offers, all of which can earn you a large quantity of gems. Alternatively, you can purchase gems with real money.

Retrieve the Bitcoins you have stored.
You have won some Bitcoin, and it will be transferred directly to the wallet you provided. We process withdrawal requests many times each day, during the course of the day.


The uniqueness of the Lootbits.io idea may be attributed to the fact that it includes both games and rewards.

You will receive more incentives from us if you spend more time on our website. Joining the game or taking part in it does not need any upfront payment of any kind. There will be no deposits or other costs required by us. The fact that you won’t run the danger of losing any of your Bitcoins while using Lootbits is what differentiates us from services that provide gaming.

You are rewarded by discovering treasures inside chests that you open. Hidden within each one of these boxes is a unique and intriguing surprise that has been well guarded. Sometimes it will be experience points, sometimes it will be additional jewels, sometimes it will be collector badges, and sometimes it will be something else. The most beneficial feature is that you will often have the opportunity to find real Bitcoins, which will be added to your balance as soon as they are found. This feature alone makes it well worth the effort.

Even if you use up all of the diamonds required to open boxes, we will still give you free more ones every hour. This is because unlocking boxes requires diamonds. You might even continue opening boxes until you are paid by encouraging other people to play the game, fulfilling offers, or playing further games. You will get even more gems as a result of this action.


Where do we even start?

You will be able to begin opening boxes as soon as you have completed the registration process by using your own client name, email address, and secret phrase. You will begin the game with some free beginning jewels that you can spend to unlock boxes, and those jewels will be regularly replenished for you so that you may keep playing anytime you want to!

Which nations do you regard as having legitimate governments?

We appreciate the efforts that gamers from every nook and cranny of the world have put in! Before you go ahead and add a new record to Lootbits, we ask that you verify and make sure that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Administration.

How many different recordings may a single person legally own at the same time?

On the Lootbits platform, each individual is restricted to maintaining just a single account at any one time.

How can I raise the number of Bitcoins that I now possess?

To unlock the chests, you will need to make use of the diamonds you have collected. You will be able to get Bitcoins from inside them, and after the equalization process is through, your balance will be recalculated to reflect the newly acquired Bitcoins. You have a chance of discovering more goods as well, such as Lootbits gems, identifications, XP points, and other items of a similar kind. The possibilities are really limitless!

If I took the wallet out of its packaging and played with it, would it put the funds in my Bitcoin wallet at danger of being lost?

No, the value of Bitcoin may continue to rise with the passage of time; the only exception is if you spend it on some other things (for example requesting site visits). When you crack open a container in Just Lootbits, you will automatically lose a certain number of diamonds. You may also use your diamonds in other games to significantly enhance the amount of money you win; however, there is a danger that you will lose your diamonds if you do this. Other games include: In any case, the status of your Bitcoin balance will remain same regardless of what happens.

Where can I find additional diamonds to purchase?

If you keep playing the game and hit the “Guarantee” button, you will automatically get a steady supply of free diamonds. In the case that you need even more, you may invite more individuals, progress your level, and even buy even more hourly pearls. All of these options are available to you. It is possible to do all of these things. In a manner of speaking, we have other characteristics that are certainly worthy of your consideration (such as trading games, hashes, and various deals, to name a few). You will never be short of diamonds if you make it a point to make use of each and every one of the opportunities that Lootbits provides for its users.

How do leveling up and the accumulation of experience points work?

Interacting with other players, opening boxes, and making use of many other features may all earn you experience points (XP). After you have amassed a certain quantity of experience points, your current level will automatically advance to the next one. Customers that have higher levels have access to nicer boxes and get one extra diamond per hour.

How does the organizational framework of a friendly greeting work?

You are free to serve as many clients as you need, but it is vital that you do so in a way that is both ethical and fair. Although you are free to serve as many customers as you require, it is imperative that you do so in an ethical and fair manner. We make use of dependable techniques for monitoring false registrations, and customers who attempt to deceive the system in any manner are constantly ejected out of the system. This includes customers who register many times using the same email address.

You will get rewards for activities such as completed sales, client visits, signups, email confirmations (which are the most essential incentive), and other activities.

If it is not an unreasonable amount of work, I would want the primary emphasis of our efforts to be on determining the total number of remarkable guests who have visited. You will not get payment for the individual’s recommendation if they have previously visited the site or if they already have an account on Lootbits. In any of these cases, you will not be eligible for compensation. In addition, you need to make sure that the visitors click the button labeled “Guarantee at this time,” which is situated on the page that presents the information. Once you have logged in, go to the “Welcomes” page of your account to get a list of all of the visitors and people who have enrolled in your service.

What is the most efficient method for me to get my Bitcoins back?

After you have achieved the basic payout edge, you will be able to use the “Withdrawals” portion of the lobby to submit a request for a withdrawal of your winnings. After entering the address of your Bitcoin wallet and clicking “Pullback,” you will be credited with Bitcoins. We make payments at different times throughout each day, and as a general rule, our clients get their payouts within a few hours of the time they were made.