What Is IRazoo?

​iRazoo is a rewards program owned by iRazoo LLC, located in New York, NY. The platform connects you with marketing research companies, advertisers and other platforms that will reward you for:

  • Taking online surveys
  • Completing offers
  • Download APPs
  • Playing Games
  • Watching videos​

Completing these simple tasks will earn you points, which you can redeem for gift cards or cash to your PayPal account. Gift cards are not always available, though.

The company claims iRazoo is the most popular rewards program on the internet.

Before I explain how this website works and how much money you can expect, check out the pros and cons.


Pros And Cons


  • Free to join
  • Low cashout requirement – $5
  • Good number of opportunities
  • Available globally
  • Payment via Paypal


  • Overall, the tasks will earn you very little money
  • Completing offers can be tricky
  • You will waste a lot of time trying to qualify for surveys
  • There is no affiliate link to refer more people


How Does It Work?

It’s important to understand from the beginning that iRazoo is only the middleman between you and other companies. When you click on ‘complete surveys’ (1) , for example, they will show you a list of survey platforms (2), from where you will find the opportunities (3).

irazoo survey platforms

The same applies to offers, videos, Apps and games.

It’s also good to mention that​ this is a point-based system that will give you $5 for every 3000 points. I don’t like points because they give a false impression you are making significant progress…


Signing Up

The sign up only requires your name, email address and a password. You will get 10 points as a sign-up bonus, which is not really a good reason to be happy.

By answering your profile questions, verifying your email and adding a picture, you can earn an additional 200 points or 6 cents. Again, nothing too excited about it.

earning points


Taking Online Surveys

​The companies listed are genuine, so rest assured you will get paid for your opinions. However, how much time are you willing to spend in front of the computer to earn $1?

If you use Peanut Labs, you can expect to work more than 1 hour for only $1. That’s an incredible amount of time for so little reward! Not to mention that you will have to answer  non-paid pre-qualification questionnaires that can prevent you from starting the proper survey. This will make your time even less valuable!

I agree that making money from home doing something so simple feel great, and doesn’t feel like a job.

But you can work smarter and build an online business that will earn you a passive income for years.

It also doesn’t feel like a job, the potential is much higher and it’s not so complicated as you think. Click here and follow the same steps that I took back in 2015 to build a profitable online business.


Completing Offers

​It’s easy to make money completing Offers but if you are not organised and patient to read the terms of service, you may fall into a trap.

Except for free offers that just require a simple registration to other survey platforms, you always need to provide your phone number and/or your credit card details.

After you give your phone number to many companies, you know what will happen. They will make good use of it! And when you insert your credit card details to accept a trial offer, they hope you will forget to cancel your subscription so they can charge you for the service.

There are offers that require a payment, like this one from GoDaddy:

godaddy offer

​This is more like a cashback opportunity because you will not make any profit, just receive a discount on your purchase.

Always read carefully the terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary costs.


Games, Videos and Apps

In my opinion, games are a complete waste of time because you will earn 2 or 3 points for each game play. That’s less than 1 cent! Seriously… The same thing applies to watching asponsored videos.

​As for Apps, it depends on what you’re required to do and the payment. The payout is also too low, so I wouldn’t bother.

​If you want to stick with iRazoo or GPT sites in general, the best you can do is complete surveys.


Make Money By Referring A Friend


iRazoo will give you a promo code you can send to your friends via social media or email. Anyone who joins the platform and enters this code will earn a bonus of 500 points and become your referral.

Now, when this person reaches 1000 points, you will earn a given amount of points based on where you live. Here is the complete list:

​One main issue is that they don’t provide an affiliate link, which is a limiting factor. A referral link is very useful if you have a blog/website because you have the potential to refer a lot of people in one go. So, this is a missed opportunity.


Cashing Out

At the moment iRazoo is only paying via Paypal, and the minimum threshold is $5. Even though $5 is a small requirement, reaching it should take a considerable amount of time.