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Finding a  site to earn dollars  is no longer difficult nowadays, especially after the emergence of many sites that give you dollars for doing easy tasks or even doing nothing.

Creamygame is  among the sites that give its users several dollars without doing any effort and for free.

We will go deeper in working on  the  Creamy game dollar earning site , and we will also learn about withdrawal methods, so follow us.

The easiest site to earn dollars without any effort Creamygame

The way to earn dollars in  Creamy game  is very easy and simple, you will only use an ice cream maker, and it will give you dollars without doing anything.

Initially, when you register on the site, you will receive a gift of 500 points, which will enable you to buy an ice cream machine.

 you will click on the menu that will appear in the top left of the  Creamygame dollars earning site , and you will find a set of machines for making ice cream.

You will choose the first machine that is equal to 432 points, and since you have 500 points in your balance, you can buy it by pressing Buy.

This machine you purchased will give you 0.01 points every minute, and in a day you will collect 28 points without any effort.

After you have purchased the ice cream machine, you must turn it on to start collecting points for you, by returning to the creamy game dollar earning site interface  and then clicking on Turn on ice cream machine. 

For reference, my brother, the working period of this machine is only 24 hours, after this period expires, you must return to the place of purchase of this machine and click on Upgrade, in order to start again collecting points for another day.

In the same way, every day you enter one of the best  sites for  earning Creamygame dollars and  always click on Upgrade, so the machine will continue to generate points and send them to your balance.

Earning from games

There is also another way to collect points on the  Creamy game dollar earning site,  and that is by playing games. 

You will click on the menu and then on Earn free coins and you will see the Play now box, just click on it to take you to a gaming site.

On this site you will find many games that you can play and enjoy, and for every minute you spend playing you will get 5 points. So the more minutes you play, the more points you will earn.

Profit from executing offers

Creamygame  provides you with  some of the famous offers companies such as OfferToro, Wannads, BitWall, Offerol.

You will try to implement the largest number of these offers to collect many points , and the best offers that we recommend to you are as follows:


  • Download apps and add only one product to the cart.
  • Download applications and complete the registration by e-mail or phone number.
  • Download Quizzes and try to answer the questions correctly.
  • Download and play games for 60 minutes only.
  • Download apps and use them for a short period of time only.
  • Download games, play them, and deliver them to a specific level.


Daily Bonus

 the Creamy game dollar earning site gives you a   bonus of 10 points every day, you will click on the menu and then on the Daily bonus and click on the Claim 10 coins field. 

Earn from referral link

The referral link will make you earn hundreds of points without any effort, by encouraging your friends to register and work on a site to  earn creamygame dollars  .

You will get your referral link  when you click on the list and then on Affiliates, after that you will find a box called Your Affiliate link, click on it and the link will appear.

Each person who registers  on  the Creamy game dollar earning site will earn a  bonus of  500  points , in addition to 30% of your friends’ earnings from executing offers. 

How to withdraw from the  Creamy game dollar earning site

 the   creamygame dollar earning site provides you with  two ways to withdraw your money, namely Payeer Wallet and Faucetpay.

When you collect only 200 points, you can click on the menu and then on Exchange, and you will choose the amount you want to withdraw according to the points you have collected, then select the type of wallet you own and click on Exchange.


  • For example, if you collect 200 points, you will get $0.02.
  • And if you reach 1000 points you will take $0.10.
  • And if your points reach 10,000 points, you can withdraw $1.
  • If you reach 50,000 points, you will earn $5.



Before you withdraw from the Creamy game profit site,  you must perform the following steps: 

Activate your account on the site by clicking on the menu and pressing Setting, then clicking on the Verify Email box and then on Send Email.

A code will be sent to you in your email,  go to it and copy that code and place it in the space provided for it. 

In that same place of the   Creamygame dollar earning site  , that is, in the Settings field, you must put your wallet number, whether it is Payeer or Faucetpay, to be saved on the site.


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