HeedYou is the  easiest  site to earn money  from watching ads , games, as well as surveys. As a beginner, you can earn some dollars from it in simple ways, such as watching a short ad or completing a survey. 

If you like to profit from sites , I advise you to work on it, because it is a wonderful and old site and one of the honest profit sites in terms of paying profits.  

I invite you to focus on reading this article so that you understand well all the ways to profit from  the  HeedYou money -making site , and thus succeed in your experience working on the Internet . And do not forget to watch a video at the end of the article, for more boring explanations.

Profit from the  HeedYou money-making site

The HeedYou money-making site gives you   more than thirty ads every day, the value of each one from 0.01 to 1 cent, you can watch them all and earn some dollars. 

The price of these ads varies according to the membership that you own, as in the regular membership you may be able to earn between 3 and 4 cents per day, and the higher your membership, the higher the advertising price and the more you earn. 

You also have a field for completing missions, you can download a game and reach advanced stages in it, or answer a questionnaire and earn points.

Referral system on the HeedYou money  -making site

The best way to increase your profits from  the HeedYou money -making site to earn money is to rely on the referral system, which means to invite your friends to register and work on the site, which will enable you to earn a lot of dollars without making any effort.

The site works to provide free prizes and rewards every day, whenever your friends work continuously on the site or purchase any service within it. 

And if one person registers via your referral link, you will receive 25% of all his earnings within  the HeedYou money  -making site . As for the minimum withdrawal amount, it is 1 dollar, and you can withdraw your profits via PayPal, payeer, skrill.

will copy your referral link, and spread it among all your acquaintances and friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram… and other social media, and you will see that the profits flow to you automatically.