Golden Tea


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“Golden Tea” is a game that can be played in a computer browser, and the purpose of the game is to expand a tea plantation to an amazing scale, starting with just one bush. The game’s name comes from the phrase “golden tea,” which refers to the color gold. As you make your way toward your target, you will have to contend with gangs of birds, criminals, and the effects of drought. To have any chance of being successful in cultivating your tea plantation, you are going to need to do meticulous upkeep on the tea field. Are you interested in participating in an intriguing new experience?

In what sense does the term “button that has to be pulled out” apply?

After selecting an item from the playing field, you can add it to your inventory by clicking the “dig” button and then removing it from the playing field. This will bring the item out of the playing field. After that, you are free to place the item back in the section from where it was first removed.

What steps should I take if it turns out that there is no longer a place on the field for me to play?

When you find yourself in need of additional space on the playing field, click the “Dig” button. If you are interested in selling things from your inventory, you should get in contact with support as soon as possible. We would like to bring to your attention the fact that you have the ability to upgrade the bushes on the field to the next level if you want to do so. It will cost you a total of 90,000 coins to improve a little bush to an average bush, and it will cost you a total of 900,000 coins to convert an average bush to a gigantic bush. Both of these prices include all applicable taxes.

Why am I going to need a scarecrow while I’m in this predicament?

Every day, filthy birds will pick at the crop that you’ve worked so hard to grow, and they may even ruin part of it. Your farm will suffer as a result. By going to a store and obtaining a scarecrow, you will be able to protect your plantation from the harm that is caused by plaque. Put it into play as soon as you have it in your possession.

In what ways does the dog protect its master?

It is possible for other players to send skilled bandits to your field, where they will make an effort to steal part of the crop you have worked so hard to gather. You are able to protect yourself against them by traveling to the store where they are located, buying a watchdog from there, and then positioning it anywhere on the playing field.

What are the specific actions that need to be taken on my part in order to send thieves to another person’s field?

A button with the text “Get onto someone else field” may be found just above the playing field that you are currently on. It will set you back 15 energy units if you just click on it, but at the same time it will trigger thieves to attack another player at random. If the thieves are successful in their objective, they will deliver you a share of the harvest that belongs to the other player if they are successful in their task. You need to be informed that the player will not be rewarded with anything if they have a security dog on their field. It is imperative that you be aware of this fact.

I recently bought a shrub, but it doesn’t seem to be bearing any fruit yet. Why is that?

It is vital to plant the shrub in order for it to begin producing leaves for you to collect when they have grown. To do this, first choose the bush using your mouse, and then move your cursor to a free cell anywhere in the playing area.


I have a blog, and I’d want to use it to draw attention to what you’re doing. What are the repercussions for me, specifically?

We work together with a number of other blogs. You are going to come across a plethora of facts on the partnership.

How many more coins will I get after my supply has been replenished?

You will get one hundred coins in your account for every single ruble that you spend.

Even if I had a lot of coins in my possession, I still wouldn’t be able to make up my mind. What actions should one take?

In order to withdraw one ruble, you will need to have a total of one hundred gold and one unit of energy in your inventory.

What exactly do I have to gain by extending an invitation to my friends?

Because of the referral program that we have in place, you will have the opportunity to get an amount of gold that is equivalent to 18 percent of the total amount that the friend replenished. This indication is present in 7 percent of cases for referrals at the second level, whereas it is present in only 5 percent of cases for referrals at the third level or above. You will also get an extra twenty percent of the entire amount of energy that was refilled for each time one of your referrals at the first level made a refill. This bonus will be added to the energy that you have already received. This indicator has a value of seven percent for levels two through four and five, a value of three percent for levels two through four and one percent for level five, but no value at all for level five. You should be informed that for every reference you make to the first level, you will get 5 percent of the quantity of energy exchange and the cost of attacking the foreign fields.

What purpose does energy serve?

Energy is a one-of-a-kind resource that may either be removed from or spent inside the context of the game. Additionally, it may be used to buy items inside the game itself. The paper titled “Guidelines for Play” provides an in-depth breakdown of the many methods available for accumulating energy. Check out the Energy page for the most recent activity as well as the amount of energy that is currently accessible.

What gives? I should be able to access the energy that has been stored in me.

It is not feasible to submit a request for a withdrawal unless there is gold present. In order to purchase one energy, you will need to spend one hundred gold.

Even though I had a one hundred percent rise in the quantity of stock in my account, I did not get two times as much gold or energy as before. Why?
As a result of this limited-time deal, it is possible that you may get twice than many coins as is customary.

“the Store” is where you’ll be able to purchase tea bushes.

Put them on what we’ll refer to as “the playing field” from now on.

You will be reimbursed for the tea that you have brought in if you bring it in after some time has gone (at your own convenience), and you may collect the tea whenever you choose.

You have the choice of having cash added to your electronic wallets or making another purchase of shrubs from the Shop in order to complete this task.

Before you are able to purchase a tea bush, the equilibrium of the game must first be restored. 1P = 100 coins