GoDaily application  surprised us with  a new way to profit from applications , which is reading articles and collecting points, in addition to many other methods that we will discuss in this article. 

We have also put together an explanatory video, including how to work  and profit from reading articles in Arabic GoDaily  and ways to withdraw from it.  

Read and earn daily dollars from the application of making money from watching videos  and carrying out surveys, as well as profit from reading articles in Arabic . All of these methods are found in the GoDaily money  -making application . 

It is an Egyptian Arabic application and the profit from it is very easy and fun at the same time, all you have to do is read, watch or play  and then earn.

An Arab application for making money  , GoDaily  , contains a section for various news, both local and foreign, and in several areas such as sports, society, and entertainment, in order to satisfy all users who wish to profit. 

The application interface is also simple and clear, enabling the user to navigate smoothly within it and work within it without complication.

Ways to earn money from the  GoDaily mobile app

In addition to all the profit methods  that we mentioned  from GoDaily  , such as reading articles, watching videos, and executing surveys. There are other ways to profit from an Arabic application for making money  , which are:

Profit from games : The application provides a group of entertaining games, which can be played without downloading and enjoying them, and at the same time earning points.

Spin the wheel of fortune: You can spin the wheel of fortune 6 times every day, and it is a fun game through which you can try your luck to win points or various gifts.

Attendance signature: In the best money-making app  GoDaily , there is  a great system for earning points called the attendance signature award. If you log into the app every day, you can register your attendance, and on the first day you will earn 5,000 points. 

Then on the second day you will get 10,000 points, and so every day you will earn a number of points until the seventh day when you will earn 18,888 points  , and this is amazing! 

Profit from inviting friends: My friend, you can also profit from inviting friends , which is the best way to profit from the application without having to work in it and collect points. 

By publishing the application link with all of the friends, acquaintances, and family you know, then after downloading the application, they must enter your invitation code in order to get the prize, which may reach 50,000 points. 

And you, my friend, can win a prize as a start for you in this application, if you enter my invitation code, which is  SSGADG .

Ways to withdraw from the best application for profit from the Internet  GoDaily 

As for the ways to withdraw your earnings from GoDaily  , there  are only two ways:

Paypal: When you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of 3,900,000 points, equivalent to $1, you can withdraw them to your Paypal account.

Balance Recharge: This feature is for Egyptians only. If you are Egyptian, you can recharge your phone with balance starting from EGP 10 (1,950,000 points). The most important telephone operators in Egypt are etisalat , orange and vodafone .