Many users of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire Gems charging applications complain about the difficulty of collecting points or the lack of charging access to the game. That’s why a great app called GiftGame was created , that addresses all of these problems and makes it easy for gamers to ship their wedges or gems.

In this article, we will give you all the important points in the free uc pubg mobile recharge application  and the Freefire GiftGame  gems , with the inclusion of a video from which you will learn all the stages of registration, earning points and withdrawing profits.

Free fire widgets charging application for PUBG Mobile and Free Fire gems 2022

Collecting points in the PUBG Mobile and Free Fire  GiftGame recharge application  is based  on playing games, implementing offers, and others, which gives you various opportunities to win many points in a short period of time.
The GiftGame app  has been  admired  by many fans of profit from the applications , as they found in it everything they are looking for, such as credibility in charging, ease of working with it and collecting points.

How to charge PUBG widgets and Free Fire gems in the GiftGame app

The many ways that you will find in the  Free Fire  GiftGame and PUBG widgets recharge program, will make you enjoy staying inside the application for a long time. At the same time, you will fill your balance with points and withdraw your profits quickly, and these are all the ways:

Profit from executing offers

One of the best ways to earn points in the  PUBG Mobile and Free Fire  GiftGame recharge application, is the method of implementing offers. Where you will notice the presence of the most prominent offers companies such as OfferToro and AdScend, and in return for executing their easy offers, they will give you hundreds of points.
You can choose the simplest of these offers, such as downloading applications and using them for 24 hours only. Or profit from games by downloading a game and playing in it, and when you reach a certain stage, you will take points.
Or you answer the quiz questions, or you carry out surveys  and questionnaires , or you register in an application with your phone number and other offers…

fishing game

GiftGame free PUBG free shipping application contains a   very beautiful game based on fishing, where you have the right to use a limited number of rods for fishing. The more fish you can catch with these hooks, the more high points you will earn.

Spin the wheel of fortune

 you can try your luck to win a set of points or gems, by spinning the wheel of fortune. You may get a number of points ranging from 1 to 400 points.

Point mining 

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire  GiftGame widget charging app provides you  a great way to earn points without any effort. You only need to pay 5 gems from your balance, and the application will mine the points for only 3 days, after which you will get 12,000 points.

password game

My brother, in the  GiftGame credit recharge application, you will find  the password discovery game, which is a simple game in which you will try to reveal the two-digit password. These two numbers are between  10  and 50, and if you can guess the password you will win a number of gems.

Profit from inviting friends

If you want to collect points in the  PUBG Mobile and Free Fire  GiftGame recharge application without any intervention from you while you are sleeping, we advise you to share it with your friends and invite them to download the application and work on it.
If you can do that, the app will reward you by giving you 2500 points for each person you invite, in addition to 10% of your friend’s earnings from executing offers.

Withdrawal methods from the GiftGame gems and crabs recharge app

In addition to charging PUBG Mobile widgets and charging  Free Fire gems , you can also take advantage of other methods of withdrawal, which are:
  • PUBG : Charging the intensities of PUBG starting from 60, when your balance reaches 275,000 points. 
  • Free Fire : Charging Free Fire gems starting from 110 gems, when your balance reaches 315,000 points. 
  • Google Play Cards : There are US Google Play cards worth $5, when your balance reaches 950,000 points.


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