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To begin, I would ask that you kindly accept my sincere apologies for the commercials that were included into the presentation. The existence of these adverts is important for me to pay the costs of maintaining the program; nevertheless, I should make it clear that I am not the owner of the official Ecoin website. I am only covering the expenditures of running the application.
Information on the company that is distinguishing itself as a leader in the highly competitive industry of digital currencies


You have the opportunity to get $5 simply by joining in the world’s biggest and simplest free crypto giveaway, and you will receive an additional $5 for each person that you recommend to the contest.
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Acquired more than 2 million users in only thirty days, setting a new record for the cryptocurrency with the quickest user growth!

the one and only airdrop that meets its payment requirements and has a base of customers that pay on a constant basis
If you report an airdrop that still pays for real with blockchain proof but does not deliver any value for customers, you may receive ten dollars. Please Immediately Report the Prime Rating of 3,500.

Ecoin would want to celebrate this success by providing assistance to those people who have been impacted by the Coronavirus!

Moving forward, Ecoin basis will make a donation of 90 Ecoins (valued at $0.5) to a charity of your choice for each person who signs up and earns 600 free Ecoins (valued at $3.3) Moving forward, Ecoin basis will make a donation of 90 Ecoins (valued at $0.5) for each person who signs up and earns 600 free Ecoins (valued at This will be done by Ecoin basis regardless of whether or not the user really makes a purchase.

A kind of virtual money that is widely regarded as being superior to all others throughout the globe in terms of “Sign Up, Earn, and Use.”

A sort of digital currency that identifies its holders by making use of the email addresses of those who have the virtual currency.

A cryptocurrency that is capable of drawing BILLIONS of customers all around the world and igniting broad acceptance is referred to as a “blockchain-based digital asset.”

Ecoin has the lofty goal of unleashing the unfathomable potential of ‘Community Impact’ by getting on board millions of customers all over the world and setting off the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies. To accomplish this, Ecoin plans to bring on board consumers from every corner of the globe.


What Makes Ecoin Unique in Comparison to Other Coins?

The very first identifying system in the world that is largely based on the use of email proxies.

It is the goal of the Ecoin project to create the world’s first proxy identity system that uses email. Because of this, it will be impossible for a single user to assert ownership over many emails at the same time.

Without a doubt, this is one of our most closely guarded secrets.
You are welcome to put it to the test by sending yourself some spam email if you so choose:)

The most amazing fall in the annals of the sport.

Ecoin will be distributed free of charge to everybody who has access to an email address since it is unreasonable to believe that customers would pay for anything fresh new (such as cryptocurrency).

If Facebook required people to pay in order to create an account, the company would never be able to reach its goal of one billion new members.

Positive Consequences for Members of the Community

A Numbers Game to Determine Who Had the Biggest Impact on the Community

As more individuals begin to utilize Ecoin, its value will climb even more as a result of this growth. If the currency has a higher worth, then more individuals will be interested in taking part in the event. Take a peek at the questions that are asked the most often to learn more.

Many people believe that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful kind of promotion that still exists today.

The Approach That We Have Conceived of in Order to Accumulate Billions of Customers
The most difficult component of widespread bitcoin usage is getting new users signed up for the network.
All cryptocurrencies have been developed up until this point on the presumption that users would either mine (in the case of bitcoin) or purchase them. However, this is about to change ( like in ICOs ) The combination of all of these variables creates major hurdles on the path to adoption ( no surprise, no crypto achieved mass adoption )
Ecoin lowers the threshold for entry by adhering to three simple principles, which are as follows:
– The prior total of 750 Ecoins has been reduced to a total of 600, which will most likely be distributed for free through this website to anybody who has an email account; (this quantity will hold dropping as the value of Ecoin goes up, which can profit early adopters)
– Straightforward referral system that awards you with 600 more ecoins instead of the standard 750 for each of your friends that sign up * Sophisticated engine for detecting fraud that makes it impossible for a single person to claim with tens of emails – Ecoin is a cryptocurrency that was developed by the Ecoin Foundation.
These three simple principles establish a user onboarding experience that is extraordinarily quick and appealing, which assures that Ecoin will be the first cryptocurrency to collect billions of customers.
Because, as you are undoubtedly aware, the actual value of a cryptocurrency is proportional to the size of the user community that utilizes that cryptocurrency, Ecoin would become simply probably the most valuable cryptocurrency if it were to gather one billion users.
Participate in the cryptocurrency revolution by signing up right this second, and watch as your clout grows as a result.
Alternatives That Have Been Demonstrated to Be Extremely Effective
You may make money via recommendations.
When you suggest a friend to the site and that person eventually joins up, you will get 600 Ecoins rather than the previous amount of 750 Ecoins.
Instantaneous Switching Customers immediately after joining will not incur any further fees in order to swap their money with the money of other customers, which will provide them the option to trade their money with the money of other customers.
Curiosity over your current financial predicament
If you keep your cash in a savings account, you’ll be able to take benefit of the interest that’s added on top of your principal balance on a regular basis.
Extra Earnings
We make use of a system that calculates your total interest rate, with the primary influence coming from the amount of money you have put away in savings. Your level of interest will increase according to the amount of money you set away.
You are at no obligation to keep them and may return them at any time.
You are at liberty to move your cash to any EOS pockets that meet your requirements and to go on doing business on your own.
Reference to the third stage from the second stage
In addition to this, you will get monetary compensation depending on the recommendations that are made by your friends. You will get an extra one hundred and fifty dollars if a friend of yours chooses to become one of our customers as a result of the reference you gave them (beforehand 188).





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