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You should make it a priority to accomplish your aim of expanding the size of your tea plantation to outstanding proportions.
You may play the game “Golden Tea” in any web browser on your computer. The objective of the game is to grow a tea plantation to an incredible size, beginning with only one bush. The name of the game is derived from the expression “golden tea,” which makes a reference to the color gold. You will encounter gangs of birds, criminals, and the impacts of drought as you make your way toward your objective. You will have to deal with all of these obstacles in order to reach your goal. To have any chance of being successful in growing your tea plantation, you are going to need to do careful maintenance on the tea field. Only then will you have a chance. Would you be interested in taking part in an exciting new experience that just become available?


In what sense does it make sense to refer to a button as “one that has to be taken out”?

You may add an item from the playing field to your inventory by first picking the object from the playing field, then hitting the “dig” button, and then removing the item from the playing field. Because of this, the object will be removed off the playing field. After then, you are allowed to replace the object in the part from where it was first taken, even if it was relocated while it was in your possession.

What actions should I take in the event that it becomes clear that there is no longer a spot available for me to play on the field?

Click the “Dig” button if you find yourself in a position where you need more room to move about on the playing field. You need to get in touch with support as soon as possible if you want to sell products that are currently in your inventory. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that, if you so want, you have the power to take the bushes on the field to the next level by upgrading them to the next level yourself, if you so choose. To develop a tiny bush into an ordinary bush will set you back a total of 90,000 coins, while developing an average bush into a large bush would set you back a total of 900,000 coins. Both of these prices already include any and all taxes that may apply.

Why am I going to need a scarecrow when I’m already in such a difficult situation?

Birds with a dirty disposition will pick at the harvest that you have worked so diligently to cultivate each day, and they may even destroy a portion of it. As a consequence of this, your farm will suffer. You will be able to keep plaque from doing damage to your plantation if you go to a shop and buy a scarecrow from them. This will allow you to take preventative measures. As soon as you get it in your hands, immediately put it to use in a game.

How exactly does the dog provide protection for its master?

It is possible for other players to dispatch experienced bandits to your field, where they will make an attempt to take some of the harvest that you have labored so diligently to acquire. You are able to defend yourself against them by going to the shop where they are situated, purchasing a watchdog from that store, and then putting it wherever on the playing field. This will keep you safe from them.

What are the particular steps that need to be completed on my end in order to send criminals to the field of another person?

You can find a button directly above the playing field that you are now on that says “Get onto someone else field.” Clicking that button will move you to the field of the player to the right of you. If you only click on it, it will immediately deduct 15 energy units from your total, but at the same time, it will cause thieves to attack a different player at random. If the thieves are successful in their mission, they will give you a portion of the harvest that rightfully belongs to the other player if they achieve their purpose. You have a responsibility to make sure that the player is aware that there will be no rewards of any kind given to them if they have a security dog on their pitch. It is of the utmost importance that you be aware of this reality.

I just got a shrub not too long ago, but it doesn’t seem to be producing any fruit just yet. Why is it the case?

Planting the shrub is essential if you want it to start producing leaves for you to harvest after they have matured and grown into their full size. To do this, you will first need to use your mouse to choose the bush, and then you will need to transfer your cursor to a free cell anywhere in the playing area.

I maintain a blog, and I’d want to use it in order to bring more notice to what you’re doing here. What, exactly, are the implications that will affect me?

There are a lot of other blogs that we collaborate with. You are going to find a great deal of information pertaining to the relationship before long.

After my stock has been restocked, how many more coins can I anticipate receiving?

Every single ruble that you put through your virtual wallet will result in the addition of one hundred coins to your balance.

Even if I was in possession of a large number of coins, I still wouldn’t be able to make up my mind on what to do. What courses of action are recommended?

You will need a total of one hundred gold and one unit of energy in your inventory in order to be able to withdraw one ruble.

What precisely am I going to benefit from if I send an invitation to the people in my circle of friends?

Because of the referral scheme that we have in place, you will have the possibility to get a quantity of gold that is comparable to 18 percent of the total amount that the buddy added to their supply. This will be your reward for referring a friend to our service. This indication is found in 7% of instances for referrals at the second level, however it is only seen in 5% of cases for referrals at the third level or above. In addition, you will get an additional twenty percent of the total amount of energy that was renewed for each time one of your referrals at the first level made a refill. This bonus will be applied to the total amount of energy that was refilled. You will have this additional energy in addition to the energy that you have already gotten. This particular indicator has a value of seven percent for levels two through four and five, a value of three percent for levels two through four, and a value of one percent for level five, but it has no value at all for level five. You should be aware that you will get 5% of the amount of energy exchange and the cost of assaulting the foreign fields for every reference that you make to the first level. This is something that you should be aware of.

What are the functions that energy performs?

Inside the setting of the game, energy is a one-of-a-kind resource that may be either withdrawn from or spent on within the game itself. In addition to that, it may be used inside the game itself to purchase other products. The piece of writing labeled “Guidelines for Play” offers a comprehensive rundown of the several strategies that might be used in order to build up energy. Visit the Energy page to learn about the most recent activities as well as the total quantity of energy that may be accessed right now.

What’s the deal? The energy that has been stored in me ought to be accessible to me when I need it.

A request for a withdrawal cannot be processed unless there is gold in the account, since this is a prerequisite. One energy may be purchased for one hundred gold, so be prepared to pay that much money.

In spite of the fact that the amount of stock in my account increased by a factor of one hundred percent, I was not given twice as much gold or energy as I had been in the past. Why?
Because this offer is only valid for a short time, there is a possibility that you may get twice as many coins as is typically provided.


You’ll be able to buy tea bushes at the location referred to simply as “the Store.”

Place them on what we are going to refer to from this point forward as “the playing field.”

You will be compensated for the tea that you have brought in if you bring it in after some time has passed (at your own leisure), and you are free to retrieve the tea whenever it is most convenient for you to do so.

In order to accomplish this task, you can either have additional money added to your electronic wallets or make another purchase of shrubs from the Shop. Both of these options are available to you.

You must first bring the balance of the game back into its original state before you will be able to purchase a tea bush. 1P = 100 coins