You have made the decision not to access the Ethereum wallet that you now possess. To put it more simply, we want to go through all of your pockets in an effort to uncover your riches.
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The very first slot machine game based on Ethereum that does not need any deposits of any sort!
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There is a possibility that you might win a share of the total prize pool; how much of a share you do earn depends on how lucky you are. The amount of free spins that are available throughout the event is steadily growing, and there are no fees involved with taking part in it.

Join Us Right Away To enter this tournament, all you need is a handle for your Ethereum wallet. If you already have one, great! We do not need any user names or passwords, and we try very hard to ensure that the registration procedure is as simple and uncomplicated for you as it possibly can be!

After registering, you will automatically be awarded free turns on the slot machine whenever you play one of the supported video games. Participate in a variety of different sorts of video games like slot machines and others to get the most out of them. You’ll notice that each triumph adds a little bit more heft to the total score that you have accumulated.

Have you used up every single one of your spins? Participants are not required to make any kind of deposits at any time! You just need to come back once every three hours or bring others to have spins straightened up immediately.

Take Out Your Hard-Earned Cash Immediately After It Has Been Accumulated Getting your hands on your hard-earned money won’t be a problem at all! If you fulfill the basic requirements, you will have to either look for remuneration or spend money on additional services.

In what way does it become operational?

The total amount of the prize pool will rise in any capacity in which you interact with the website, including but not limited to visiting the website, taking part in the games, completing the offers, and working in any other capacity with it. Customers have the opportunity to get access to the pool by competing in one of the video games that are offered.


In order to take part in this event, what measures do I need to do?
You only need to enter the address of your Ethereum wallet, which should be 42 characters long and look something like this: 0x123AaA456aAa789AaA123bBb456Bb789CccDd12, and you will be supplied with a new account. When you return, all you need to do to log in is use the same username and password that you had previously used.

Whom should I let know about the deal I just completed using Ethereum?
After you have finished the registration procedure, you won’t be able to make any modifications or add any new Ethereum wallet addresses. This is because you won’t have access to the administration panel. Each and every account is inextricably bound to a single agreement. It is impossible to distinguish between the two. This was done in order to prevent any attempts from being made to break into the account, which may have been attempted. Because of this, you will not be needed to disclose any personal information, and you will not have any reason for concern over the safety of the website in any way. Create a completely new account if you still don’t have a new one and want to get into a contract with it.

Which countries are eligible to submit an application?
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve clients from all around the world!

began engaging in what activity or endeavor?
After you have finished successfully registering on the website, all that is required of you to begin playing the game is to click the button labeled “PLAY.”

Is a deposit in Ethereum needed from me, and if so, how much do I need to put up?
No! In point of fact, we do not use any kind of depositing method at all. Due to this fact, the website of ETH COMBO cannot be classified as either a gaming platform or an online casino.

How often do I become very lucky?
The winners are decided by the algorithm in a way that is wholly and completely arbitrary. However, a substantial chunk of it is controlled by the main prize pool, and the greater it is, the higher the chances are of winning huge sums of money. This is because the odds increase with the size of the prize pool. Your winning price is calculated based on the value that you have produced as a customer of our website, and it is subject to a swift decrease in the case that the value is lower than winnings.

What is the purpose of the eight decimal places that are shown on your scales?
We picked this framework because, after careful consideration, we concluded that it had the most potential for supporting our game.

Gain a greater number of turns than is typical.
After each interval of three hours, the spins are reset to their initial states. You will need to click the button that reads “CLAIM SPINS” in order to get them, so make sure that you come back to this page on a regular basis.

get more spins faster?
By recommending your friends to use the service via the referral program, you may raise the quantity of credits that are automatically replenished and get some free spins right immediately (there is a hyperlink on the reverse side of the slot machines). You may also choose to complete certain tasks, take part in other games, and get a considerable rise in the total number of spins available to you at now very moment.

Is there a limit on the number of guests that may be invited by each individual customer, or are there no such restrictions?
You are in no way limited in the amount of consumers that you are permitted to invite. There are no limits placed on this.

Is it OK to extend invitations using any way other than the ones stated here?
You are at liberty to extend an invitation to them in any way that strikes your fancy, provided that doing so does not run afoul of any laws. Please bear in mind that in order for us to continue doing business, we rely only on the support of our genuine customers. As a direct result of this, visitors to your website in the form of bots or hidden iframes will hinder you from making significant progress toward your goals. We will not put up with any fake registrations that are manufactured via the use of proxies, virtual private networks (VPNs), or any other method that is functionally identical in any way.

I issued invites to people who may become customers, but I didn’t get any spins.
Nobody will be counted if they have been invited but have not yet confirmed their attendance by clicking the CONFIRM button. This preventative precaution against automated programs accessing the website has recently been put into place and is now operational. In addition, the consumer will not be considered if they have previously been invited to the location or if they have already joined the location in the past. In any of these cases, they would be excluded from consideration. We have no other means of generating income apart from our one-of-a-kind customers.