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You have decided against accessing the Ethereum wallet you have. Simply put, we want to go through your pockets in order to find your wealth.
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The very first Ethereum slot machine game that does not need any deposits of any kind!


Depending on how fortunate you are, there is a chance that you may win a portion of the overall prize pool. The number of spins is consistently increased, and there is no cost associated with taking part in the event.

Join Us Now To take part in the competition, all you need is a handle for your Ethereum wallet. We do not need any user names or passwords, and we work hard to make the registration process as easy as it can be for you!

If you join, playing video games will immediately win you free spins on the slot machine. Take part in slot machines and several other kinds of video games to make the most of them. You’ll notice that each victory contributes a little bit more solidity to your overall score.

Have you exhausted all of your spins? There is no need for participants to make any deposits! Simply come back once every three hours or bring others to get spins straight now.

Immediately Withdraw the Money That You Have Earned. Taking out your earnings won’t be difficult at all! If you meet the required minimum, you will need to seek payment or spend money on further services.

How does it come into effect?

When you visit the website, participate in the games, complete the offers, and work with it in any other capacity, the total amount of the prize pool will increase. Customers may obtain entry to the pool by playing one of the available video games.


What steps can I take to participate in this event?
Simply input the address of your Ethereum wallet, which should be 42 characters long and look something like this: 0x123AaA456aAa789AaA123bBb456Bb789CccDd12, and you will be provided with a new account. When you come back, you only need to log in with the same login and password you used before.

Who should I inform about my trade using Ethereum?
Once you’ve completed the registration process, you won’t be able to make any changes or add any new Ethereum wallet addresses. Every account is directly tied to a single contract. There is no way to separate the two. This was done in order to foil any efforts that could have been made to hack into the account. Because of this, you won’t be required to provide any personal information, and you won’t have to worry about the website’s security at all. Make an entirely new account if you still need a new one to get into a contract with.

Which nations are permitted to apply?
We are happy to work with customers from all around the globe!

started taking part in what?
To start playing the game when you have successfully registered on the website, all you have to do is click the PLAY button.

Is it required for me to put up Ethereum as a deposit?
No! In point of fact, we do not make use of any kind of depositing system. Because of this, the ETH COMBO website is neither a gambling platform or an online casino.

How often do I get lucky?
The winners are selected in a totally arbitrary manner by the algorithm. However, a significant portion of it is determined by the primary prize pool, and the larger it is, the better the likelihood of winning significant amounts of money. Your winning price is based on the value that you have generated as a client of our website, and it is subject to rapid reduction in the event that the value is lower than wins.

Why do the balances on your scales contain eight decimal places?
Simply because we found it to be the framework that could accommodate this game the best, it was chosen.

Obtain more turns than usual.
The spins are reset after a period of three hours at a time. In order to receive them, you will need to click the button that says “CLAIM SPINS,” so be sure to check back often.

get more spins faster?
You may increase the amount of automatically refilled credits and get some free spins right away by inviting your friends via the referral system (there is a hyperlink on the reverse side of the slot machines). You also have the option to do certain tasks, participate in extra games, and gain a significant increase in the number of spins right now.

Are there any limits placed on the number of guests that each individual client may invite?
You are not restricted in any way in terms of the number of customers you may invite.

Is it OK to use any other invitation methods other those listed here?
You are free to invite them in whatever manner you see fit, provided that it does not violate any laws. Please keep in mind that we operate only on the support of actual customers. Visitors to your website in the form of bots or hidden iframes will prevent you from accomplishing much as a consequence of this. Fake registrations created via the use of proxies, virtual private networks (VPNs), or any other means that is functionally equivalent will not be tolerated.

I sent invitations to potential customers but got no spins.
Everyone who has been invited but has not yet clicked the CONFIRM button will not be counted. This security measure has been activated in order to prevent automated programs from accessing the website. In addition, the consumer will not be considered if they have already been invited to the location or if they have already joined the location in the past. Customers that are one of a kind are our only source of revenue.