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Most of the sites for earning through the Internet for rubles, specialize in the method of profit from watching advertisements or mining. 

But what distinguishes ecotraff  online  is that it combines these two, that is, you will earn from mining the ruble currency as well as from watching ads.

Continue reading this topic with us to learn together about ways  to earn online from the ecotraff  site,  so follow us .

Earn online by mining ruble at ecotraff online

The site  of earning via the Internet , ecotraff , knows a noticeable increase in the number of its subscribers, because it is an honest site and they withdraw their profits from it immediately. 

After registering on the site via the link that you will find at the bottom of this article, you will receive 100 rubles.

This bonus can not be withdrawn, but it will increase the power of mining your ruble in   ecotraff online earning site .

How to make money from the ecotraff website 

As we mentioned at the beginning, the   ecotraff online earning site  has several ways to collect the ruble, which are as follows:

ruble mining

Immediately after you register to the  ecotraff online earning site , it will automatically start mining rubles. 

You will let the site prepare your ruble for free, and after a few days you will find that you have collected 1 ruble or more withdrawable.

browsing websites

 On the ecotraff online earning site there is a   group of 10 advertising sites, you must browse them for no more than 10 seconds for each site and you will earn 0.02 rubles.

If you continue to watch ads from these sites on a daily basis , then for sure you will reach 1 ruble in a short time.

Daily Bonus

The online earning site ecotraff gives you  a small bonus every day, in which you may get a sum of money ranging from 0.01, 0.03 or 0.05 rubles. 

You will only click on an advertising banner, and when you enter the advertising site, you will return at the same moment to  the site , and then you will click on “Get Reward”.

Profit from referral system

If you want to earn a lot of rubles from the  ecotraff net earning  site without any effort, you will take your referral link and give it to all your friends.

For every friend who registers on the site through you, you will earn 50% of their total earnings from browsing the sites.


Also, you will win a bonus of 100 rubles, which will contribute to the faster mining of your ruble currency.

How to withdraw from the online earning site  ecotraff online

you can withdraw your earnings from the  online earning site  ecotraff through Payeer wallet .

The minimum withdrawal from the site is only 1 ruble, and the payment is automatic and instant.

Before you withdraw your funds, you must go to the “Settings” field, put your Payer wallet number, and press “Save”.


When you enter for the first time to the   ecotraff online earning site, it  will appear to you in Russian. You can change the language to Arabic by translating the Google browser or any browser you work with.

Do not try to deposit your money in the  online earning site  ecotraff, because the majority of Russian profit sites are not safe and may be closed at any moment.

Then we advise you to work on the site for free, and whenever you reach 1 ruble, withdraw it directly to your Payeer wallet.


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