easy tasks

Earning money online  from performing tasks is one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet, because it does not require any prior experience or expertise.

Micro Work Jobs is  one of the pioneers in the field of profit from carrying out tasks, as many young people resort to it to earn dollars easily.

we will try to explain to you on this topic, the correct way to carry out tasks on the  microworkjobs website, so  follow us.

Earn money online by doing tasks in micro work jobs

The site  for making money online microworkjobs  contains a set of simple tasks, which is interaction with  social networking sites as well as registering on sites and downloading applications and others… 

You must register on the site in the usual way, and be sure to activate your account through the email that the site sent you in your e-mail.

After registering, the site will give you a simple gift of $0.30 that you will find in your balance.

Types of tasks in the profit site via the Internet  micro work

On the profit site  through the Internet  , micro work jobs  have many different tasks, you can choose the easiest of them and implement them correctly, which are as follows:

  • Like, comment and subscribe to the YouTube video.
  • Follow a page on Facebook or an account on Telegram.
  • Create and activate a Gmail email.
  • Register on the site or just visit it.
  • Search for an application in the Google Play Store.
  • Download an application and register in it by phone number or e-mail.
  • Watch a YouTube video with a VPN.

As you can see most of the tasks on the  micro jobs website are not difficult, and you can complete them easily and in a short time.

How to perform tasks in the  work jobs site

Implementing these tasks on the  microworkjobs website  is very easy and does not require any experience from you, as you will choose the task you want to accomplish and click on it. 

You will be shown some directions from the job holder that you should read carefully, and implement them as required until they are approved after being reviewed.

For example, if you choose on the   micro -work website to make a video watch on YouTube, you will find in the instructions of the task owner the name of the channel as well as the title of the video.

You will copy the name of the channel and go to the YouTube platform and search for it, and when you find it, you should search for the title of the video that you should watch.

When you start watching the video, you must take a screenshot, then continue watching to the end of the video, and then take a second picture indicating that you watched the entire video.

After the end of the video, like and write a comment, then subscribe to the channel, and take a third picture showing this work you did.

You will return to the site  for making money online, work jobs  , and enter the same task that you performed, then put in it the three pictures that you took and then click on Apply to job. 

Thus, you have successfully completed this task and you only have to wait some time to be reviewed, and after approval, you will receive the amount for it.

The amounts that you can get from performing tasks on the  internet profit  site micro work jobs  range between $0.016 and $0.070 depending on each task.

Profit from referral system

you can earn money from  microworkjobs without  having to perform any task, by inviting all your friends to enter the site and register for it. 

You will copy your referral link, which you will find when you click on the site menu and then on Refer a friend.

Share this link with your friends through the various social networking sites available to you, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and others…

 Your share of this work will be to get $0.08 for each friend who registers on the microwork site  through your link , provided that your balance has reached $0.06.

Spin the wheel of fortune

This beautiful game on the site  for making money online work jobs , through which you can earn some cents and you may earn between $0.003 and $0.006 from it. 

You can also spin this wheel 15 times as long as you invite 15 or more friends.

Ways to withdraw from the site to make money online for free  microworkjobs

After you can collect only $ 2 in the site  for making money online for free  micro work jobs , you will choose the withdrawal method in which you want to withdraw your earnings.

The withdrawal methods on this site are as follows:

Payeer, USDT, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Litecoin, Bkash, Aitm, Wire Transfert.

Advice do not deposit your money in  microworkjobs , although it is honest and pays money so far. 

Where the site may be closed at any moment, so do not risk your money and just carry out the tasks without investment.


If you own a YouTube channel or a Facebook page, the microwork site   for beginners offers you a set of services that you may need to develop your business on the Internet, as follows:

  • Like, comment and post a video for $5.
  • Provide the channel with a thousand subscribers within 3 hours for $ 10.
  • Create a professional logo for the channel or Facebook page for $2.
  • Create a professional YouTube thumbnail for $15.