Earn money from reading

The BuzzBreak Mobile Money app features several ways to earn dollars, the most prominent of which is reading the news about the field you like, as well as seeing the videos you like. Then you collect these funds and easily withdraw them to your PayPal balance.

It’s great to find an application from which you earn money for just reading news and watching videos.
So that you get to know more about the application of making money from the phone BuzzBreak we invite you, to follow this article, and you will understand in detail the way of working in this application and making money from it. In addition to a video that we advise you to watch to make it easier for you to work in this wonderful application.
Many young people want to find an application that combines fun and making money from the phone, and this is really what the BuzzBreak application is characterized by.
Where you can enjoy reading your favorite news, whether it’s news related to sports, society, technology, laughter and others… And also watch videos that you will enjoy watching, and at the same time earn money from them and increase your profit in this application.

Ways to make money from the phone from the BuzzBreak application 

There is not only reading news and watching videos to earn from the best  applications for making money from smartphones BuzzBreak. It provides you with other easy and simple ways by which you can collect many points, which will then turn into dollars for you, which are as follows :

Profit from watching ads

At the top of the BuzzBreak mobile money earning application on the right you will find a box that is a gift, if you click on it you will only see a short advertisement and then the application will give you some points.

Profit from inviting friends

The best way to increase your profits from the buzzbreak mobile internet profit application without any effort is to share this application with all your friends via various social networking sites, such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook…
For each friend you invited to download the application and work in it, you will take 20% of his total earnings inside the application of earning money from buzzbreak phone and this is very excellent.
In addition, you will earn 900 points after your friend registers through you and puts the invitation code that you will send to him, and he will also earn 100 points as a start for him in this application.

Profit from the execution of offers

The buzzbreak Android profit application provides you with a set of applications, games and questionnaires, which you can profit from by implementing their own offers.
An example of such offers in  the application for making money from the phone BuzzBreak, you can download one of the games, play in it and reach a specific level. Or you download an application and just register in it, or you participate in a questionnaire and answer its questions, from which you earn many points.

Profit from spinning the wheel of Fortune

There is a beautiful game in BuzzBreak that gives you the opportunity to spin the wheel of fortune, and try your luck at winning some points or dollars. But it requires you to pay 300 points from your balance in order to participate in this game.

How to withdraw money from the buzzbreak mobile app

The only way that the application of the program to make money from the phone  BuzzBreak has established in order to withdraw your earnings from it, is via Paypal. The minimum withdrawal amount is five dollars, and you can reach this amount when your score reaches 500,000 points.