Earn money by solving the puzzle

Earn money from the Internet for free by solving puzzles only. Who among us does not like puzzles? For sure, we encounter in our daily lives many puzzles that we like to decipher because they are fun and require intelligence and mental effort.

A new application has emerged in the Google Play Store called Dollar Pie , which depends on solving puzzles in order to collect points and in return you earn dollars from them. Many of its users have been impressed by this beautiful idea of ​​making money from apps .

In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of the application to  make money from the Internet  Dollar Pie , and show you how to work in it, collect points and earn money, so follow us.

Earn money online for free by solving puzzles in the Dollar Pie 2022 app

The field of puzzles is an area that remains limited in terms of the availability of applications and sites that rely on it as a means of profit, so earn money from the Internet for free  through the Dollar Pie application  , which contains a set of relatively easy puzzles, in addition to other ways to collect points that we will discover in this topic. 

Ways to  collect points from the application of  profit from the Internet without capital Dollar Pie 

In addition to the puzzles offered by the application  of profit from the Internet without capital,  Dollar Pie  to collect points, there are also other ways that will help you double the number of points in your balance, which are as follows:

Profit from puzzles

in the   Dollar Pie earning money application, you will find  two types of puzzles, you just have to focus a little and you will be able to solve them easily and then get their points:

  • The first puzzle is a group of fruits that you must try to find out the correct number to collect.


  • The second puzzle contains a set of numbers, and all you have to do is to identify the three correct numbers to unlock the lock.

Spin the wheel of fortune

 In the Dollar Pie online earning application, there is a   fun spinning wheel of fortune game, in which you will try your luck to win a certain number of points, so that you may win from one point to 50 points.

open chests

When you enter this box, you will notice that there is a group of 6 chests, from which you must choose only one chest and you and your luck in how many points you will find in this chest.

Point mining

 Dollar Pie gives you the  opportunity to earn  many points by mining them for free, as the longer you leave it to prepare for the longest possible time, you will get many points.

daily prize

At any time you enter the Dollar Pie program for making money online for free  , you will find in the interface a large green button. If you click on it, you will get 300 points , and you can earn such points every three hours. 

Earning from surveys

 Dollar Pie provides you  with  a large set of questionnaires and surveys from which you can earn very high points, as there are surveys that last only 5 minutes and you will earn more than 1000 points from them.

Profit from inviting friends

If you like to have additional earnings without effort, then all you have to do is share the   Dollar Pie free profit application from the Internet  with your friends. You will give them your invitation code to enter into their account, and you will get 1,600 points for each friend.

How to withdraw from the application to earn money from the Internet Dollar Pie

Dollar Pie online earning app gives you the  right to withdraw your money via 4 withdrawal methods, namely Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Jazz Cach. Also, the minimum withdrawal amount in this app is $150.


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