Earn digital watching ads

Cryptocurrency earning sites are known for free, a remarkable revival in recent years.

The demand for earning the largest number of diverse digital currency is increasing, and one of them may skyrocket at any moment.

Ptcbits com website provides its users with the possibility of earning the most popular cryptocurrencies, in easy ways such as watching ads and executing offers.

We will talk on this topic on all ways to profit from the Ptc bits cryptocurrency earning site , and we will also find out how to withdraw profits, so follow us.

Earn digital coins for free from Ptcbits com website

The Ptc bits cryptocurrency earning site is one of the honest sites in earning from digital currencies, and allows you to withdraw your winnings using the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Tether and Dogecoin….

Registering on the site is very easy, but it requires you to activate your account via the link that will be sent to you in your email.

After registering directly on the site of earning digital currencies for free  Ptcbits com will receive 500 points as a gift to you from the site.

Ways to collect points from the PTC bits cryptocurrency earning site

The Ptcbits cryptocurrency earning  site has several ways to collect points, which you will then convert into dollars and these are all the ways :

Tap the dots

When you click on the menu of the site to earn digital coins for free  Ptc bits, you will find a box named Faucet, if you enter it, you will just click on the blue button at the bottom and you will get 20 points.

And you can earn another 20 points every hour if you follow the same method.

Abbreviated locations

By clicking on the Short links box on the Ptcbits com cryptocurrency earning  site, you will find several short sites, enter all of them and just skip the captcha, then wait 15 seconds and you will earn some points.

The points vary from site to site, you may find a site from which you earn 60 points, another 90, another 150, and so on…

Watch ads

You can earn more points on the PTC bits cryptocurrency earning  site, if you watch advertising sites.

Every day the site gives you 3 ads, you will enter them and wait only 5 seconds and then get 14 points for each of them.

Execution of offers

the Ptcbits cryptocurrency earning  site offers you a range of offer companies, from which you can choose any offer you like and implement it.

The offers are very easy, which are applications that you download to your phone, or games that you play and try to reach a certain level and other offers…

Invite friends

you will increase the number of your points on the site of earning digital currencies for free  Ptc bits, after you share it with your friends and acquaintances.

Send them your referral link to register through you, and the site will reward you by giving you 25% of your friends ‘ earnings from shortened sites.

And also 10% of their profit is in the implementation of offers.

Ways to withdraw from a cryptocurrency earning site for free  Ptcbits

PTC bits profit withdrawal  provides you with a cryptocurrency earning site using several popular cryptocurrencies, and the minimum withdrawal is only 1000 points equivalent to $0.10.

And if you manage to collect 10.000 Points you will get 1 dollar.

There are some cryptocurrencies that you can only withdraw via Faucetpay wallet, namely Tether, Solana and Ethereum.

There are other currencies that you can withdraw to any electronic wallet that you have available, namely Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tron and Bitcoin.