Earn digital currencies

Beginners in the field of earning digital currencies for free prefer to start with easy sites, although their profits are not great, but they are a good start to earn some dollars or some digital currencies easily.

Collecting cryptocurrencies is a beautiful hobby in which you can store an important number of them, and wait until their value rises to resell them again and profit from them.

The Xtra bits click site will give you several ways to accumulate points, and then withdraw them in the form of digital coins or dollars to your Faucetpay or Payeer electronic wallet.

Earn digital currencies for free from the easiest Xtrabits click site

Cryptocurrency earning sites for FREE take some time to earn from them, and this is normal because it is a free and no deposit method.

We advise you to exploit the site and work on it in your free time, it is very simple based only on watching ads and executing offers.

Make sure that you activate your account after registering on the site of earning digital coins for free  Xtra bits, through the activation link that you will find in your email.

Ways to earn from the Xtrabits cryptocurrency earning site

you will not get tired of working at The Xtra bits cryptocurrency earning site for free , because it has several ways to earn points, which are as follows :

Tap the dots

You will find two types of Point collection taps on The Xtra-bits cryptocurrency earning  site, namely :

The first box called Mad Faucet contains 30 taps every day and the difference between each tap and the last is 45 seconds, and you will earn 10 points from each tap.

The second box is called Manual Faucet there are 450 taps and the duration between each tap and the last is 3 minutes, and you can earn 40 points from each tap.

Spin the wheel of Fortune

you can earn digital coins for free by spinning the wheel of fortune, and try your luck to earn some points.

You have the right to spin this wheel 100 times a day, just bypass the captcha system and spin the wheel and you will earn from 10 to 100 points.

Abbreviated locations

in one of the best cryptocurrency earning sites , Xtra bits, you will find a group of 51 abbreviated sites, you will visit them, bypass the captcha and after 15 seconds you will take your points.

Points vary depending on each location, you may earn 60, 70, 80 or 90 points.

Watch ads

The Xtrabits website also has the possibility of earning digital currencies for free by watching ads, by providing 4 sites every day.

You will enter it and wait inside it for only 10 seconds, then you will get 10 points for each location.

Execution of offers

The site of earning Bitcoins  Xtra-bits shows you some offer companies, for visiting sites and earning a few cents from them.

In addition to other offers such as downloading applications, playing games and completing surveys.

Profit from the referral link

If you want to earn extra points without working on The Xtra bits cryptocurrency earning site for free , just send your referral link to all your friends.

For each friend who managed to register on the site through you, you will earn 15% of his total earnings on the site.

You can use social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram… To publish the referral link and attract more friends.

Methods of withdrawal from the site of profit from digital currencies Xtra bits

If you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit on the cryptocurrency earning  site Xtrabits, you can withdraw your money by electronic currencies or in dollar currency.

For reference, the minimum withdrawal limit is only 100 points and is equal to $0.10, and you will receive the withdrawal immediately.

If you want to withdraw your winnings in dollars, you can use the Payeer wallet.

If you prefer to withdraw via digital currencies, you can do so using the Faucetpay wallet only. These are the most important cryptocurrencies that you can withdraw :

Bitcoin – Dogecoin – Litecoin – Tron – Dash – USDT – BNB.