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The opportunity cannot be thrown away; that is not a choice.
Only one dollar was put into the first Bitcoin transaction ever.

This is not even close to being the year 2009 at all.

Although the great majority of people are aware of cryptocurrencies, very few are aware of the spectacular rise in value that cryptocurrencies have seen recently.
The responsibility for picking the fruit falls on the minority while the majority is busy using their energies.
While the minority takes cash out of their holdings, the majority makes investments with their money.
The conduct of the minority, who are in the majority, is manipulating whereas the behavior of the minority, who are in the minority, is betting.

This is the year 2022 at this point.

A fresh start in which the great majority of players will approach game play in a different fashion.


Ecological system that is both uncontrolled and decentralized

Bee Network offers a gaming experience that is based on a network that is decentralized and does not need a central server.


Nobody has an advantage or a disadvantage due to the situation.

Since it has received such positive feedback, the game is open to participation from anybody who has both a mobile phone and an internet connection. There is no need for very powerful machinery.


Interactively Engaging Play in Video Games

Actively taking part in the Bee Network game will earn you points that may be used in the competition.


A White Paper on Matters Relating to the Bee Network (Draft V1.1)
Contents Detailed Table of Contents (Table of)

1. Provide an overview

2. The Project’s Overarching Goal and Objective

3. The prerequisites of the project from a technological standpoint

1. Describe the situation in general.

Bee Network is an example of a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO for short. All of its fundamental operations are carried out by computers, eliminating the need for any kind of input from a human being. These actions are carried out in a manner that is compliant with the set of guidelines and precepts that are outlined in the code.

The well-known book written by Kevin Kelly titled “Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World” served as the primary source for the notion of “Hive Mind,” which later served as the basis for the creation of the phrase “Bee Network.” This idea is implemented in the network known as Bee Network. There is a distinct separation of labor, with each individual honey bee having its own role and responsibility, and they all work together systematically and spontaneously to ensure that the smooth operation of the Hive in the absence of a central authority in the absence of a central authority in the absence of a central authority in the absence of a central authority in the absence of a central authority in the absence of a central authority in the absence of a central authority in the absence of a central authority in the absence of a central This ecosystem is considered to be an example of a distributed system due to the fact that its ability to operate is reliant on the contributions made by thousands of different people.

This self-sufficient ecosystem may exhibit any or all of the following features at any one time: 1. The company acknowledges its personnel and the many contributions they bring to the business, including: Despite their unique identities, individuals and modules both have a high amount of autonomy and are able to keep in close connection with one another. Retaining close touch makes it easy for connected parties to communicate with one another, while maintaining independence guarantees that each module has its own method for splitting up the task.

2. A strong capacity for accommodation inside each module: In the absence of a central authority, each module has the capability to maintain its balance by means of the process of accommodation.

3. Individual objectives and module goals are linked, and everyone contributes to the broader purpose in their own special manner while yet maintaining their individual identity. For instance, in order to accomplish the qualities indicated in the preceding paragraph, some individuals harvest honey on their own, while others work independently as pathfinders. Both of these activities are done independently.

A solitary bee known as the queen serves as the head of the colony, which is supported by a vast number of bees known as worker bees. Bees share information with one another via dancing (for example, notifying the location for honey extraction). In the case that the hive is attacked and one of the bees transmits a signal, the other bees will immediately join the fight to defend the colony. As a direct result of the bees cooperating with one another, the hive will eventually grow into an elaborately organized organization. The unprompted contributions that are given by each individual bee to the bee colony are what make it possible for the colony to continue existing. In spite of the fact that the power possessed by each individual is relatively little, the aggregate power possessed by these individuals may be enormous. [Here’s a good example:]

Representation of the Collective Consciousness

Bee Network is the name of the project, and our goal is for it to function in a way that is like to that of a hive. This will be accomplished by the unprompted contributions of each individual working together to change the network into a potent force that will thrive.

2. The Project’s Overarching Goal and Objective

The Most Important Constituents

The core team of the Bee Network is made up of prominent professionals in internet and blockchain technologies, mathematics and cryptography experts, members of the community who have contributed their time, and other members of the community. If you are interested in being a part of the Bee Network team or helping in the community, please send your resume to bee@bee.com. If you are interested in volunteering in the community, please click here.

Initial funding for the establishment of the Bee Network came mostly from contributors who want to remain anonymous; it is anticipated that the endeavor will continue to attract further financial support in the future. Currently, our focus is on getting the Bee Network Foundation up and functioning smoothly so that we may move on with our plans. After the foundation has been established, the roster of the core team members, as well as the sponsors and advisers, is going to be made available to the public, according to our plans. As a development incentive, the Foundation and the core team each hold 25 percent of the total number of Bee that will ever be released. These Bee will be distributed to project sponsors and used to fuel the continued expansion of the Bee Network ecosystem.

Bee Network is fully devoted to using blockchain technology in order to realize its vision of an ecosystem for decentralized applications (Dapps) and an open internet platform (decentralized application). With the eventual objective of transforming every user into a platform consumer, contributor, and value owner all at the same time, we will gradually roll out mobile gaming, social networking, e-commerce, and lifestyle services. The gradual introduction of these services will allow us to achieve this goal.

The User Experience at Various Stages of Evolutionary Development

During the first stage, we moved from having no users to having one million. The significant benchmark of one million users has already been reached.

During the second phase, our goal is to bring the total number of users up from one million to ten million. Currently, we have one million members. The Know Your Customer, or KYC, practice will be implemented as the primary focus of the development of phase 2 in order to guarantee the privacy and safety of Bee Network and its users. This will be accomplished via the completion of the phase 2 development. Because of this, it will be possible to validate the identities of users. In addition to the concept of knowing your consumer, we are going to set up a community service that will provide people who are already a member of the community the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas about the most important aspect of the next phase of growth. Additionally, during Phase 2, we will introduce the Node and Dapp ecosystems in order to ensure that the Bee Network is able to be funded in a sustainable manner by the user interactions that take place within this vibrant community. This will be accomplished by ensuring that the Bee Network is able to ensure that the Bee Network is able to ensure that the Bee Network is able to ensure that the Bee

The number of users is expected to rise from ten million to one hundred million during the third stage of development. During phase 3, we are going to concentrate on developing a Bee Network value exchange marketplace, and we are going to roll it out when the Bee Network ecosystem has developed to a point where it is mature and self-sustaining. Users and companies will be rewarded to make transactions on open internet platforms if they utilize the blockchain technology that is supplied by Bee Network.

3. The prerequisites of the project from a technological standpoint

Users of the Bee Network have access to a gamified method of earning Bee, a cryptocurrency that can be mined using a mobile device such as a smartphone. Bee Network is a brand-new blockchain invention that was only just released. The Bee Network gives its users the ability to earn Bees by taking on the roles of Miner, Referrer, and Verifier respectively. Bee Network was designed from the ground up to operate as a network comprised of actual individuals, with the intention of incentivizing users to exchange real-world products, services, and knowledge using their Bee balances. The network wants to eventually list Bee on major cryptocurrency exchanges, where it will be possible to purchase and sell Bee using fiat money, with the aim of raising Bee’s value. This will make it possible to buy and sell Bee on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The following concept serves as the conceptual basis for the economic model that is used by Bee Network: When the total user base reaches 1 billion, new Bee supply becomes 0; when the total user base reaches 1 billion, new Bee supply becomes 0; when the total user base reaches 1 billion, new Bee supply becomes I when the total user base reaches 1 billion, new Bee supply becomes I when the total user base reaches 1 billion, new Bee supply becomes I when the total user base reaches 1 billion, new Bee supply becomes I when the total user base reaches 1 billion, new Bee supply becomes I when the total user ii) Participants who sign up earlier in the process need to be paid more than those who join up later in order to encourage early participation. iii) Community members who provide a larger benefit to the group should be eligible for a higher level of payment for their services. iv) The core development team of Bee Network has to be acknowledged and rewarded; v) The number of users determines the entire supply of Bee; iv)

When the Bee Network reaches the milestone of one billion users, the entire supply of Bee will correspond to M plus R plus V plus C. This will be the case whenever the milestone is reached. The cumulative quantity of Bee that has been earned by all miners, referrers, and verifiers before the supply is depleted is represented by the letters M, R, and V, respectively. These letters stand for the total amount of Bee that has been earned. The letter C, which stands for 25 percent of the entire value that is made up of the letters M, R, and V, is given to the primary development team at Bee Network. As a direct result of this, the precise quantity of total supply will be determined by the total amount of user activity a significant length of time before Bee Network reaches its target of one billion members.

Because cryptocurrencies and blockchain are still relatively new technologies with enormous potential that the general public is not yet aware of, we at Bee Network believe that our application serves as a valuable tool to educate everyone about cryptocurrencies. This is because cryptocurrencies and blockchain are relatively new technologies with enormous potential that is not yet known to the general public. This is due to the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrency are still considered to be relatively new technology. Because downloading and playing Bee Network does not cost users any money, users are given the opportunity to educate themselves on cryptocurrencies while simultaneously being rewarded with an asset that is growing in value. This is because users are able to gain knowledge on cryptocurrencies while downloading and playing Bee Network does not cost users any money.

How does Bee Network work?

The Miner, the Referrer, and the Verifier are the three roles that are considered to be the most significant in Bee Network. You will earn Bee using the formula (base rate) + (base rate) x 25 percent x (number of active miners in your earning team) over the course of the following 24 hours once you have begun your 24-hour mining session by pushing the thunder button. The amount of Bee that you will get may be calculated using this formula. When the overall user base exceeds 10 million users, another 50 percent decrease to 0.2 Bee per hour, another 50 percent drop to 0.1 Bee per hour when it reaches 100 million, and eventually there will be no more supply when the Bee Network reaches 1 billion users throughout the world. The standard rate for miners starts at 1.6 Bee per hour and lowers to 0.8 Bee per hour when the total user base hits 100,000 users internationally. The standard rate then decreases once more to 0.4 Bee per hour when the total user base reaches 1 million users globally. When the base rate is high, the most effective methods to boost your Bee earnings are to mine as much as you possibly can and to encourage new users to join your earning team as frequently as they possibly can. When the base rate is low, the least successful way to grow your Bee earnings is to mine.


If a Miner logs onto the program once every twenty-four hours and presses the mining button, they have the potential to earn 1.6 Bee every hour at the basic rate (as indicated above, it will be lowered to 0.8, 0.4, 0.2, 0.1, and 0 depending on the development of the user base). Mining Bees on your smartphone does not require a significant amount of energy, in contrast to mining enterprises, because you will instantly get an hourly mining rate after pushing the mining button on your smartphone. This is in contrast to the fact that mining Bees on a computer requires a significant amount of energy. Each mining session will automatically end after twenty-four hours, and all you need to do to keep earning Bees is open the app and click the mining button again. There is no further action required of you.


A “Referrer” is a member of the gaming community who makes a significant contribution to the development of a thriving gaming community that is made up of reliable gamers. As the society becomes larger and more individuals begin bartering their wares and services with one another using their hives, the value of the bees increases (also known as “exchanging”). The term “Referrer” refers to any anyone who is in a position to recommend new miners for inclusion on your earning team. If you tell other people about this program and they end up joining your team, you will receive a raise of 25 percent in your base rate for each active member of your team. If you bring other people into the program. If you have ten people working for you on your earning team and each one of them is actively mining, you will earn an additional 25 percent of your base rate in Bees. This is equivalent to earning 250 percent of your base rate in Bees. Because of this, the best approach to raise the number of Bees you get is to recruit more new miners to your division of mining and to encourage those miners to come in often so that they can mine. This will allow you to boost the quantity of Bees you earn. For example, if your base rate is 1.6 Bees per hour and you have recruited 10 new miners to join your team, of which 7 are currently mining, you will make 1.6 (base rate) plus 1.6 x 7 x 25 percent (referral bonus) = 4.4 Bees per hour today. This is because your base rate is multiplied by the number of miners you have recruited who are currently mining. This occurs due to the fact that your base rate is multiplied by the amount of miners that have been recruited by you and are actively mining. Please keep in mind that there is no limit set on the number of new people that you may suggest to be added in your earning team. This means that you have complete freedom in this regard.

As a direct result of this, there is no maximum cap imposed on the amount of money that may be earned via referrals. Imagine the difference in earnings that would occur if you were a member of a 200-user earning team rather than mining by yourself. This is the scenario that would play out if you joined an earning team.

Validator (The role of Verifier will only be launched since Bee Network has entered Phase 2)

Verifiers work toward the main goal of making certain that the Bee Network ecosystem is completely reliable and open to scrutiny at all times. Confirming the identities of individuals who are a member of the network is the method that is used to achieve this goal. If a Verifier has other members of their earning team who are also Verifiers, those members will be added to the Verifier’s security circle. When Bee Network reaches Phase 2 of its development, there will be a procedure known as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) that all members of your security circle will be required to complete before you will be able to trade Bee with other users’ goods and services through Bee Marketplace. This procedure must be completed before you can trade Bee with other users’ goods and services. This step must be completed before you can engage in trading with Bee. Verifiers should only look into the identities of prospective members if they are already familiar with them and have a level of confidence in them that allows them to prove their genuineness. Because of this, there will be no instances of unethical or fraudulent activities on the network. Verifiers have the potential to earn an additional 0.2 Bees for each person confirmed in an hour, in addition to their usual mining rate. This bonus is in addition to the standard mining rate. If a Verifier has reason to suspect that one of the people who are a part of their network is no longer reliable, they have the opportunity to file a complaint against that person by clicking the button that reads “no longer trusted.”


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