Dig the Gemstone

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Play and win real money , my friend, with the easiest game in the world  , Dig the gemstone , and one of the best applications for profit from games . It is owned by the well-known Chinese company in the field of profit from BigBig Cash applications . 

If you are a fan of games on the phone, we advise you to download this beautiful game and enjoy playing it, collecting points and then exchanging them for dollars. So download, play and win real money from the  Dig the gemstone app  after you follow this article with us, so that all the ways to profit from this game become clear to you.

Dig the gemstone  is without a doubt the easiest game in the world this year, because playing it is very easy by just clicking on the mobile screen. It will only take a few minutes of your time every day, during which you will collect several points and transfer them to a balance that you withdraw to Paypal or Payeer. If you always play games without winning anything, then you are in the right place. Play and win real money just by downloading this game.

How to profit from the  Dig the gemstone app

you can earn money from playing  in  the  Dig the gemstone application  through three easy ways, we will explain them all in detail as follows:

Method 1: After downloading the Dig the gemstone app, you  will  notice  a miner standing in front of a mountain of ice with a large pink ruby ​​inside. When you click on this worker, he will start hitting hard on the ice with an axe, and the more clicks you make on the ice, the closer he will get to the pink sapphire. When he reaches this ruby, you will get a number of points , and a blue bar at the top will help you know when the worker will reach the ruby.

The second method: On the left of the screen at the top, you will find a box called spinning the Lucky Draw wheel. When you enter it, a lucky wheel will appear for you to rotate, and you may win a number of points, pink sapphires, or one of the tools to help you get sapphires.

The third method: Below the Lucky Draw wheel spin box, there is a box in the form of a moving gift, you can enter it and wait for how many points you will get after opening the gift.

Activate the checkout box

The withdrawal field in the  Dig the gemstone application  will not be available to you at first, and in order to show it, you must first activate three necessary but very simple conditions. After you are able to fulfill these conditions, you will see the withdrawal box, in which you will convert the collected points into dollars. And when you reach the minimum withdrawal limit in the app, you can withdraw it to your Paypal or Payeer account.

The first condition: registration in the application

Registration in the application for making money from games is very simple, like all applications for profit from games , you will choose to register via Google or Facebook with just one click.

The second condition: spinning the wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune that we talked about a while ago, the application asks you to spin it six times in a row. At each spin of the wheel, a short advertisement will appear for you. After it ends, you will spin the wheel a second and third time until you reach the sixth time.

The third condition: winning the gift

The third and last condition in the Dig the gemstone app   before activating the draw slot is that you try to get the miner to the pink sapphire. By pressing hard on the worker’s location, with the help of tools that will speed up his work, such as an ice-breaking tool and others… Once the worker reaches the ruby, you will directly get the gift.

Earn by inviting friends

If you find that reaching the first dollar in the Dig the gemstone game application   is very difficult, you can help yourself with the referral system and profit from inviting friends . You will send the game link to friends and family through various social media, and you will get 500 points for each friend who registers in the application via your link. 

Provided that your friend includes your invitation code in his account, and you will find this code in the friend invitation field. And if you would like to get 100 points as much as your friend will, just enter my referral code in your account which is  C3T4997U .

Ways to withdraw from the game  Dig the gemstone

the withdrawal box will appear to you after completing the three conditions in the game  Dig the gemstone, in which you will find two ways to withdraw your profits, which are Paypal and Payeer. 

If you choose to withdraw to Paypal, the minimum amount in it is $1 after you collect 10,000 points, but if you have a Payeer account, the minimum withdrawal amount is also $1 after you collect 11,000 points.