It seems that relying  on a site to make money from watching ads is among the ways that many young beginners resort to making money from the net. 

Because frankly, it gives the opportunity to those who do not have the money or the experience, to earn some dollars and with very little effort.

Cryptoshark is also one of those sites that offer young people easy and free ways to earn dollars without depositing any money.

Together, we will go deeper into knowing all the ways to profit from  a site to make money from watching  Cripto shark ads, so we invite you to follow us.

The most powerful site to earn money from watching ads Cryptoshark

If you are a beginner in profit and want a way to collect capital in order to invest it in other areas, we advise you to start working on  a site to earn money from watching ads .

You will only perform some simple tasks and collect the largest number of points from them, then the site will give you dollars in their place and withdraw them to your electronic wallet.

Ways to earn money from watching Crypto shark ads

In order to start  earning  money from watching Cryptoshark ads ,  you must collect many points through the following methods:

Daily reward

Immediately after you register on  a site to earn money from watching  Cripto shark ads, you will find a Claim box on the home page, click on it and you will get 10 points.

And if you enter every day to the site, you can perform the same process to get another 10 points.

Dots faucet

You will earn from the  Cryptoshark  site, about 50 points every 3 minutes, by solving the captcha system and then pressing Collect your reward.

The Points tap will be accessed by clicking on Menu, then on Faucet, and then clicking on Manual Faucet.

Short links

The Crypto shark site contains  a  list of 17 links, which are, in fact, sites that you must visit and implement the captcha system, and you will earn 100 points for each link.

You can access the shortened links, by clicking on the menu and then on Shortlinks, and start visiting all the sites by clicking on Claim.

Earn from watching ads

The profit site  by watching  Cryptoshark includes a group of 17 sites, you will enter them and watch the ads inside them and wait for about 10 seconds, in order to get 25 points for each site.

You will reach these ad sites by clicking on the menu and then on PTC, and just press Go to enter each site.

Executing offers

a site to earn money from watching ads  , Crypto shark, offers you some simple offers, from which you will earn a significant number of points.

For example, if you follow the Telegram account of the site, you will get 100 points.

When you successfully implement this offer, you will write the username with which you registered on the  Criptoshark profit site  , then click Submit your proof.

The Offers box you will find when you click on the menu and then on Tasks.

Earn from referral link

you can work smartly on  a site to earn money from watching  Cripto shark ads, and earn more points without working on the site.

It will just take your referral link, and try to promote it in Facebook and Telegram groups.

As well as on other social sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and many others…..

In this great way, it will make you bring many referrals and earn hundreds of points without effort.

A site for profit from watching Cryptoshark ads will give you  for every person who registers on the site through you, 15% of all the profits that your friend won from this site.

If you want to know where the referral link is, you can find it by clicking Menu and then Referrals.

Methods of withdrawing from the site of watching ads for money  Cryptoshark

Select  a site to earn money from watching  Cripto shark ads. There are two ways to withdraw your profits, which are Faucetpay and Payeer wallet .

For the Faucetpay wallet, the minimum amount you can withdraw is 1 USDT, and you will reach this amount when you collect 100,000 points.

As for the Payeer wallet, the minimum withdrawal limit is 1 USD, and you must collect 100,100 points to withdraw.

you will find the withdrawal box on the home page of the site for  watching ads for  Cryptoshark money, and at the bottom of the page you will choose the wallet that you want to withdraw your money from.

You will write the number of points you have collected and it will give you in exchange for them in dollars, then put the wallet number and click on Withdraw.


Advice try to work on  a site to earn money from watching  Crypto shark ads for free, and be patient until you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

And do not deposit your money on this site so as not to be exposed to fraud, because most of this type of site may be closed at any time and by good luck.