Cash mine

Ways to profit from the program to earn free money Cashmine

The most prominent way, my friend, to collect points from a cash  mine program is by completing offers that contain high points, and there are also other methods that we will learn about as follows:

Profit from executing offers

The free online profit application   Cashmine includes  several well-known companies in the field of offers, and you, my friend, certainly know most of them, such as OfferToro, Notik, AyetStudios, MediumPath, AdMantum, Monlix, and WannAds….

The most important offers proposed by these companies are as follows:

  • Download a game, open it, play it, and reach a certain level.
  • Download an app, open it, download another app or game from it, and use it for one hour.
  • Download an e-wallet and perform the first transfer or deposit of funds.
  • Download the application, register in it, and activate the account with the phone number.
  • Download an app and collect a set number of points in it, within a few days.
  • Complete the answers to the quiz questions, as well as in the same way as for surveys and questionnaires.

There are also many other types of offers in the  Cash  mine application , which you can discover by entering all the companies mentioned.

You can access the place where the offers are executed by clicking on the Offerwalls box, which is located at the top of the application interface.

There are also special offers in the application  of profit from the Internet for free,  Cashmine , by just clicking on Premium Offers.

For example, you can download an app, evaluate it with 5 stars in the Google Play Store, and you will receive 50 points.

Earn from watching videos

In the place where the offers are executed, you will find a box at the top called Watch & Earn. Click on it and a group of YouTube videos will appear.

My friend, Cash mine, put some videos for you ,  from which you will earn some points, if you watch them to the end.

There are videos from which you will earn 20 points and others 25 points, and you must complete watching them in order to get these points.

Daily bonus

In the interface of the   Cashmine free online profit application , you will find a set of gifts that contain points.

Every day you enter the application, click on one of these gifts to get 5 points.

Methods of withdrawal from the application of earning dollars from the Internet for  free

As we mentioned earlier, the application  of earning dollars from the Internet for free,  Cashmine , puts at your disposal several methods for withdrawal, which are as follows:

Payeer: You will withdraw $0.25 if you collect only 250 points.

Paypal: You can receive $1 when you collect 1000 points.

Litecoin : You will take this $1.50 digital currency into your wallet for 1600 points.

Free Fire : You will benefit from 110 gems if you have 1000 points.

PUBG : You will charge 60 intensity if you reach 1000 points.

Google Play Cards : You can win these cards worth $ 5 for 5000 points.

Papara Bank : TR18 will be transferred to your bank account in Turkey, when you collect 1000 points.

Google Play Turkish Cards : You will earn one of these cards with a value of TR25, when your points reach 5000 points.

Vodafone Cash : This offer is for our Egyptian friends, where you can recharge your phone with a value of $5 for 5000 points.

If you want to enter the withdrawal field, you will click on the Cash mine application menu  and click on Gift items, and good luck.

Important Notes

The owner of the free online profit application, Cashmine , has set   some conditions that you must adhere to, in order for your points to be accepted from the implementation of the offers, which are as follows: 


  • One account must be opened every 24 hours on AyetStudios, Youmi, AdGem and OgAds.
  • For AdgateMedia, only one account should be created every 48 hours.
  • The rest of the other companies can open infinite accounts, provided that the same offers are not repeated on the same account.