Cash Carnival App

What Is Cash Carnival? 

Cash Carnival is a slot machine simulation where you collect virtual dollars just by rotating the reels.

People get attracted by the game because it’s risk-free and supposedly transfers a decent amount of money to PayPal.

All you need to do is tap the “Spin” button and collect rewards based on specific combinations.

Be aware there are other apps with the same name. This one is operated by Shape Keeper, a company that has many other apps, such as Hyper 2048 and Pusher Mania.

Although the company advertises the game as an opportunity to make money, the app description doesn’t mention any cash prize.


How Does Cash Carnival Work? 


Cash Carnival is available on Google Play for Android users. It’s completely free and you don’t even need to register to start playing.

Just be aware the app can read, modify, and even delete content of your USB storage. Yes, I am talking about your photos, videos and other personal files.


How to Play Cash Carnival? 

It’s very simple! You just need to tap the “spin” button to trigger the 5-reel slot machine.

Cash Carnival will give you rewards if the slots land a winning position according to the pay table.

You can win tokens and dollars that can always be multiplied by spinning the wheel and watching the video.

You start the game with only 10 spins, but they provide a new one every 2 minutes.

Watch the video to get an extra 10 spins instantly and keep playing and collecting more rewards.

You will also collect keys to unlock other two slot machines.

When you get scatters, Cash Carnival allows you to pick cards and get more spins when you match any 3.


Cash Out Requirements

Cash Carnival says you can cash out to PayPal only when you reach $100.

It’s also possible to redeem a $2 Amazon Gift Card once you accumulate 10 million tokens.

Once you meet the cash out condition, open your wallet and submit your payment request.


Is Cash Carnival Legit? Does It Pay? 

Cash Carnival won’t let you reach $100 in order to withdraw the money.

Remember when they said you could win at least $10 every 10 minutes?

Well, what they didn’t mention is that virtual dollars and tokens have no currency value. Therefore, your cash balance doesn’t really matter because that’s not real money.

They said you didn’t have to watch videos, but this game will encourage you to watch lots of them to boost earnings.

There are many negative reviews about Cash Carnival on Google Play, and it’s easy to understand why.

Many players complain that after earning a certain amount, they get stuck and are unable to reach $100.

One person reported being stuck at $99.80 despite playing the slots for 2 months straight. It’s very frustrating!

After reaching $60 or so, you will notice a huge decrease in cash rewards!

The good news about Cash Carnival is that you will probably receive the $2 Amazon Gift Card. Some people have done it twice!

However, it’s not really worth it because it’s very time-consuming. Not only that, but watching so many videos will consume a significant amount of data!

If you have a limited plan on your phone, you are probably consuming more than $2 worth of data to accumulate 10 million tokens.