car game

How fun it is that earning crypto coins is differentiated by fun and entertainment as it is  the case for  profit from games , and the Google Play Store knows the presence of many applications that rely on games as a way to earn money
The best thing is that the Top Rich app  is a fun car game, and at the same time earn free cryptocurrencies and withdraw them to the electronic wallet.
Earning crypto coins from  the car game that we will explain to you, friends. In this topic, we will learn about how to play and how to collect electronic coins from them.  
Earn Crypto coins from the amazing car game TopRich 2022
The gameplay in the   Top Rich cryptocurrency app is based  on merging cars together and earning points.
This way you will gradually go up the levels, and with each new level you will earn more money.
Ways to profit from the TopRich cryptocurrency application
Besides the car game, which is the main way to earn from the   Top Rich cryptocurrency application , you will also find other ways to earn money, namely:
Spin the wheel of fortune
you can try your luck in spinning the wheel of fortune and win some points and sums of money, and you have the right to spin the wheel 5 times every 8 hours.
The points you will collect from the  TopRich  cryptocurrency app , you can use to buy new cars that will help you in the race to earn more profits.
Profit from inviting friends
Top Rich cryptocurrency app sets up  a great system to earn more dollars, by inviting friends to download and play the app. 
By giving the invitation code to your friend to put it in his account, then you will earn $2 for each friend you invite.
How to withdraw from the TopRich crypto app
 The Top Rich cryptocurrency application allows you to   withdraw your winnings via cryptocurrencies through the TRX and USDT currencies, and you can use any e-wallet you have available.