Bitcoin Tricks

If you have not yet tasted the sweetness of making money from the phone , now you have the opportunity to earn several free bitcoin satoshis.

Digital currencies are among the most powerful ways that will make you collect important capital in a short time and without getting tired.

bitcointricks offers  thousands of bitcoin satoshi to everyone who wants to work on this site, it is honest, free and no deposit required.

Stay with us and continue reading this topic, in order to learn more about the ways to profit from the mobile phone  on this site, as well as how to withdraw.

Earn 1000 satoshi in bitcoin from bitcointricks

Earning money from the phone on the bitcoin tricks site depends   on watching ads, implementing offers and inviting friends, as simple ways to collect points and convert them into Satoshi from Bitcoin. 

During the registration on the site, you will add, in addition to your information, the bitcoin address in your electronic wallet .

The bitcointricks site will give you   a welcome bonus of 1000 points,  which is equivalent to 1000 satoshi as your start on this site.

How to earn this reward, we will learn about it as follows:

Coupon site for profit by phone  bitcoin tricks

you will click on the bitcointricks menu   , then click on Menu and then on Redeem coupon.

You will find a coupon number of 16 numbers, you must copy it and then put it in the field designated for it and click Submit.

You will directly get 1000 satoshi and it will be added to your balance on the site.

Earn from short links

you can collect many points from the bitcoin tricks website  ,  by shortening the links.

You will click on  Menu then on Earn bits and click on Visit Shortlinks.

You will find some shortened links, and your role is to visit all these links and solve the captcha, until you get a number of points starting from one point to 14 points.

Earn from faucet points

the site  for making money from the phone,  bitcointricks , has allocated a section for a faucet that gives a lot of points every 15 minutes.

You will enter this faucet by clicking on Menu and on Earn bits and then on Faucet.

You will just bypass the captcha system, and you will get a random number of points from 1 to 500 satoshi for you and your luck.

The only condition for you to be able to take advantage of the points faucet on the bitcoin tricks website  is  that you shorten only one link every day.

Earn from  watching ads

click on the menu, on Earn bits, then on PTC Ads.

You will see a group of advertising sites provided by the bitcointricks website  ,  and you will visit them to increase the points in your balance.

You will visit all these sites for only 7 seconds, and you will earn one point from each ad site.

Profit from executing offers

The bitcoin tricks mobile profit site includes   the most profitable field for beginners at the present time, which is the field of executing offers.

The site has added the most powerful offer companies such as AdGem, AdscendMedia, OfferToro, Wannads, and KiwiWal….

You will enter the companies you used to work in, or you can discover other companies that also contain many interesting offers.

Most of the offers, as you know are applications that must be downloaded and left on your phone for a certain period,  or games that you install and play with and reach a specific level.

Or try to answer correctly the questions of quizzes, questionnaires and surveys….

All of these offers and many more are on the bitcointricks website  ,  and the nice thing is that its points are very high and you will fill your balance with points.

You can access the offers section by clicking on the menu and then on the offer wall.

Earn by inviting friends

My brother, the bitcoin tricks website will give you  about  10% of the total profits your friends earned from the site by executing offers, shortening links, and tapping points.

Therefore, it is a great opportunity to increase your profits from the site, and you may not need to enter the site permanently.

But beware if you do not enter the bitcointricks site  for  100 days, you will lose all the profits that you got from your friends.

You will copy your referral link and send it to your friends, so that they register on the site through you and you take 10% of their profits.

Referral link You can take it after clicking on the menu and on Referrals and then on Referral & Banners.

How to withdraw money from the bitcointricks  website

Unlike many other sites, the bitcoin tricks site  allows  you to withdraw your money through any electronic wallet you are registered with.

But the difference is that the site will not deduct any commissions from your profits if you use Faucetpay wallet, and the withdrawal will be received immediately.

As for the rest of the other wallets, it will take a small commission from you according to each electronic wallet, and the withdrawal will be received within 48 hours.

The withdrawal field is located on the home page of the bitcointricks site  ,  just click on Withdraw.

You will put the number of points collected and it must not be less than 5000 points, which is equivalent to 5000 Satoshi of Bitcoin.

Important clarification

If you forgot to put the bitcoin address while registering on the bitcoin tricks website  , you can correct this by clicking on the menu, on the menu, and then on the account settings.

You will put the bitcoin address in the place designated for it, whether from Faucetpay wallet or others, then click on Update Payment info to save it.

Before you can withdraw your winnings the bitcointricks site requires you  to enter the points faucet and execute the captcha 100 times.

After that, the withdrawal box will be opened and your money will be withdrawn easily and with good luck.