Finding offers  and games to earn paypal money has become possible through many honest applications that we try before we explain them to you.

Bigreward  is among  the beautiful apps that have excellent deals and fun games, and you can earn some bucks with it.

For more details, we invite you to read this topic, so that you understand well how to use the   Big Reward game application, so  follow us.

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Paypal money earning games   and offers from Bigreward app

The owner of the  well-known GReward app  , which we have already explained, has created a  paypal game app  called  Big Reward that can be earned  by completing offers and playing games.

Like the previous application you must adhere to some rules, so that your application is not banned.

It is not to use a VPN or PROXY when opening a  game application to win real money  , Bigreward , and it is also not allowed to install it in any simulator and register for it only through a Google account.

After registering directly in the application, you will find in your balance 20 points as a gift to start working and collecting points.

Ways to profit from the application of games to earn real money  Big reward

you will collect many points in the application of  games to earn money , Paypal Bigreward  , through the following methods: 

Profit from executing offers

You will find a large number of offers in the application of  games to earn money paypal  Big reward , through giant companies in this field such as ironsource fyber tapjoy inbrain adgate wannads revu.

These are the most important offers that you can easily implement and collect hundreds of points from:


  • Offer to run for a specific distance, and points are calculated for you by the number of meters you ran or walked.
  • View the games you will play with and try to get them to a certain level.
  • Display quizzes that you need to answer correctly.
  • View applications in which you must collect a specific number of points.
  • View applications from which you will download some games and play them for an hour.


These are just some examples of the offers that are supported by the  paypal Bigreward games app , and you can see many other special offers, and you implement them well to earn their points. 

Earning from games

The application  to download games to earn money Big reward  contains several fun games that you will play with the Play time system, which means that the longer you play, the more points you will earn non-stop. 

Choose the games that you liked, and you will receive 10 points after completing each level within these games.

Earn from watching videos

you can also profit from watching videos , which are only 20 seconds long.

You will just click on the Video tab and watch the video ad for a few seconds , after which 20 points will be added to your balance.

You can watch one video after another, and thus you will collect many points without any effort.

Earn by inviting friends

It is certain that you do not find enough time to work in the application of  games to earn money , Paypal Bigreward ,  due to the circumstances of life, whether due to study or work. 

Therefore, you find yourself unable to collect many points every day, but we have the solution, which is to invite friends.

you will share this application with your friends via social networking sites, and you will earn 500 points for each friend who registers in the application.

Tell your friend that he will also win 500 points like you, and so on to encourage him to register in the application of  real games to earn money  Big reward .

In order to take these points, you must send your friend your invitation code, which you will find in the referrals field.

For more clarification, you can watch the video at the bottom of this topic, in which we explained in detail how to work in the  Paypal  Bigreward game application .

How to withdraw from the application of the  best games to earn money Bigreward 

Like the previous application, the owner of the   Big Reward game application put the  same method of withdrawal, which is via Paypal.


  • You will withdraw $0.50 if you collect 3000 points.
  • You will get $1 if you reach 1000 points.
  • You will earn $5 if your score reaches 49,000 points.
  • You will earn $10 if you can collect 97,000 points.


In the end, we assure you that the  Paypal Bigreward games application  is 100% honest, and you only have to work in it and collect points, and you will withdraw your profits to your PayPal account, and good luck. 


And if you would like to earn 500 points after registering in the application, enter this code in the referral field 6HYTN5