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Many bitcoin profit enthusiasts are looking for applications that enable them to earn  bitcoin for free , since the price of bitcoin is very expensive and difficult for them to buy.

In addition, most of the sites that give chats in exchange for watching ads are scams, or earn very little bitcoin.

Therefore, we will explain to you, friends, in this article, a wonderful application called BFast BFree , through which you can earn bitcoins for free  in a very easy way. We will explain its details during this topic, so stay tuned.

The easiest way to earn bitcoin for free BFast BFree

The application to earn bitcoin for free  BFast BFree can be considered one  of the easiest ways to profit from digital currencies, especially bitcoin , so that the method of profit from it is based on pressing the GO button only, and the application will cost you one of the points from one point to 200 points randomly.

The number of points you will get will be added directly to your balance in  BFast BFree earning site , then you can repeat the same method multiple times.

So if you work on the app all day, you can easily collect many points. As you earn a number of points, you will see a short advertisement until the points are calculated for you and added to your balance.

How to earn bitcoins  from  BFast BFree app

 you can collect points from the BFast  BFree bitcoin earning application , through several other methods, which we will explain to you in detail as follows:

Profit from executing offers

BFast   BFree Free Bitcoin Earning App  has a wide range of offers such as apps and games. You will only choose what you like from it and then implement it as required of you, and in return you will get high points that will be added to your balance in the application.

An example of these offers that will appear to you in the application to earn bitcoins for free  BFast BFree , you will find several games that you download in your phone and play with and you must reach advanced stages, so that you can earn their points. 

There are also applications that you only need to install in the phone and collect a certain number of points, so you will get their own points as well.

Earning from surveys

Free bitcoin earning app gives you  a great chance to win 10,000 points, if you can answer a simple 17 minute survey. If you complete it successfully, you will be entered into the lottery and you may be lucky to win that many points.

Profit from inviting friends

 you can double your earnings in  the application to earn bitcoin for free , without being forced to enter the application and work in it. 

The method is very easy and is to invite your friends to download the  BFast  BFree bitcoin earning application  and work on it, and they will give you 5% of all your friend’s earnings. Your friend will also get a number of points as a start in this application.

How to withdraw from the bitcoin earning application BFast BFree 

As for withdrawing profits from the  BFast  BFree bitcoin earning application  , it provides you with only one withdrawal method, which is Coinbase. When you reach 7,500 points, they will be converted directly to you into satoshis and then withdrawn to your  Coinbase wallet .

And if you don’t have a  Coinbase wallet , you can go to their website and register and then go back to the  BFast BFree bitcoin earning app and  link to it. 


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