Profiting from surveys is a strong field that attracts many young people to work in it, as well as  easily earning PayPal balance for free from it. An example of such successful applications is the BANANA BUCKS app , which gives you money for taking simple and easy surveys. 

So let’s friends, continue reading this topic, to understand more how to work in the application  of making money via the Internet Paypal  BANANA BUCKS  and how to earn money and withdraw it to Paypal.

Free Paypal balance earning application and profit from surveys BANANA BUCKS

Free Paypal Balance  BANANA BUCKS application  is one of the easiest ways to earn from applications , which depend only on completing surveys. 

It gives you every day a set of questionnaires that are questions, which will not take more than five minutes of your time. You answer these questions correctly, and every day you may get half a dollar or more.

Most of the surveys in the   BANANA BUCKS Pay Paypal account free application are  related to different areas, such as health, work, economy and other questions related to your social and personal status.

How to work in the application of profit from surveys BANANA BUCKS

 BANANA BUCKS gives you   one, two or three surveys every day, and for each survey you may earn between 0.18, 0.22 or 0.10 cents. 

If, for example, you  can complete three surveys at once a day, you will get half a dollar or more in no more than 15 minutes, which is very cool.

friend invite system

Unfortunately,  BANANA BUCKS  is a paypal recharge application  that does not depend on inviting friends to increase profits, so you must rely on yourself and focus only on completing surveys every day in order to collect dollars and withdraw them to your PayPal balance.

How to withdraw from the BANANA BUCKS Paypal Balance Earning App

As we have already mentioned, the only way to withdraw from  the  BANANA BUCKS  free PayPal balance earning application is via  PayPal , and the minimum withdrawal is only $5.  

If you reach this amount, you can enter the withdrawal box, then put the PayPal email and click on Cash out , and you will receive the amount in a period between three days and a week.