Ants and Pizza

The  real money earning game Ants and Pizza  is one of the best honest applications and profit from games , and it is produced by the BigBig Cash company that specializes in profit from applications . It is among the most famous companies that produce profit applications through games , which can be downloaded and played with, collecting points and then converting them into dollars. For more clarification on how to profit from the application of  games to win real money,  Ants and Pizza , follow this article with us and do not forget to also watch the video to understand the working method of this application.

Real money game Ants and Pizza

Ants and Pizza is the best real money game that only requires you to take some time to play with it and collect points and exchange them for dollars. The way to play this game is easy and fun, and we will get to know its details in this article.

Ways to profit from the Ants and Pizza app

The application  of real money earning games  Ants and Pizza relies on three ways to collect points and earn dollars, as follows:
The first method: After downloading the  real profit games application,  you will notice that there is a pizza in the center of the screen, when you click on it, ants will start coming to it to eat it. And the faster you press the pizza, the more ants will head to it to eat it in no time. At the same time, you will see a green bar at the top moving in the direction of the gift. When this bar reaches the gift, you will earn points and be added directly to your balance.
The second method: There is a box at the top on the left called Lucky draw, which means rotating the wheel of fortune. You will enter it and rotate it in order to earn some points, red gems, or large insects.
The third method: You will notice below the Lucky draw box, another box, which is an animated gift, Get it now, when you click on it, you will directly win some points.

Activate the checkout box

To begin with, there is no registration in the application of  games to earn money from  Ants and Pizza ,  as well as the box for withdrawing profits is not visible. That is why the application has set 3 conditions that you must fulfill, in order to allow you to enter the withdrawal field and exchange your points into dollars. Then transfer it to your Paypal or Payeer account, and these three conditions are as follows:

The first condition: registration in the application

You can register in the  Ants and Pizza game application to earn money   easily via Facebook or Google according to your choice, and thus you have fulfilled the first condition.

The second condition: spinning the wheel of fortune

Spinning the wheel of fortune is also easy, you just need to spin the wheel a number of times (6 times) in a row. Every time you spin the wheel you will see a short advertisement, and then you spin it again and so on…

The third condition: getting the gift

In order for you to get the gift and fulfill the third condition, you must click on the location of the pizza, in order for it to go towards it and eat it. And if you want to quickly reach the gift, you will find two large insects on your left, use them to speed up the green bar in the place of the gift.

How to withdraw from the Ants and Pizza app

After you have completed the implementation of the three conditions in the application  of real profit games,  you will be able to enter the withdrawal box, and the means of withdrawal in the application of  money-making games  Ants and Pizza are two, namely Paypal and Payeer. As for the minimum withdrawal amount to PayPal, it is $1, which is equivalent to 10,000 points. As for Payer, the minimum withdrawal amount to it is also $1, which is equivalent to 11,000 points.

Earn by inviting friends

If you want to double your profits from the application of  making money from the games  Ants and Pizza, I advise you to rely on the profit from inviting friends . All you have to do is send the application link to all your friends and acquaintances, through all social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc… If you managed to persuade one friend to download the application via your private link, and you gave him your invitation code and he entered it in his account, you will get 500 points. And if you also want to win an additional 100 points, you can take my code and add it to your account, which is  U3GCA38Z.