Antcoin using your mobile phone online.

In order to bring the advertising industry’s yearly income of 400 billion dollars into the sphere of cryptocurrencies, we need to make certain changes.
System for online communities

A social networking service that does not participate in the manipulation of its users’ data and is provided free of charge.
Video Sharing System

a platform for the sharing of videos that is not only free but also endless and rewarding.


White Paper on the Ant Network, Version 1.0 [White Paper on the Ant Network]


1. Some Concise Opening Remarks and Introductions

2. The Overarching Goal of the Project in Its Complete Form

3. A chart depicting the path of travel 1. The introductory remarks and remarks

Ant Network is a cryptocurrency that is distinct from Bitcoin in that it was developed using a mining mechanism that is dependent on mobile devices. Due to the fact that this method does not need the usage of any power, it provides a fresh perspective on the bitcoin market. The primary objective of this digital currency, which takes its name from the insect that is commonly known as the “ant” due to its reputation for hard work and ability to perform its duties in perfect unison with other members of its colony due to its reputation for hard work and ability to perform its duties in perfect unison with other members of its colony, is to make it possible for individuals to enter the cryptocurrency market without expending any time or effort by utilizing the community that they have developed while interacting with mobile devices.

We are well aware that a significant amount of people are unable to access the world of cryptocurrencies for a variety of simple reasons, and as a result, they lose out on a multitude of opportunities that come knocking at their door. At this juncture, the realization of our objective takes on new significance… We make it feasible for consumers as well as the world of cryptocurrencies to be successful by mixing everyday activities like playing games and watching movies into the world of cryptocurrencies. This makes it possible for both worlds to be successful. The user is not required to spend any time or effort on these activities in any way. 2. The Overarching Goal of the Project in Its Complete Form

By bringing the advertising sector into the realm of cryptocurrencies, we want to end the monopoly that a few of multinational firms now have on a market that has an annual value of more than 400 billion dollars and is dominated by those corporations. A substantial amount of work has to be done on our end before we can achieve this enormous goal, and there is a long list of tasks that need to be done. Projects that do not directly contribute to this core purpose but are still necessary stages toward accomplishing this primary objective might be considered preparatory measures.

When taking into account the expenses of the system alone, the profits of multinational firms operating in the advertising industry are roughly forty percent. This decrease in revenue by forty percent has a huge effect on all parties concerned, including users, marketers, and content providers alike. Consumers are being pressured into viewing more commercials despite the fact that advertisers are ready to pay a higher price for advertising at the same time as revenues for content providers are falling. In addition, users, or those who view the ads, do not gain in any manner from it in any way whatsoever.

As a consequence of this fact, Ant Network is the most important goal of the organization. Ant Network’s major mission is to build a system that will benefit consumers, content producers, and advertisers equally. This will allow all parties involved to emerge victorious. A commission or system fee deduction of between 5 and 3 percent is anticipated to be collected from each transaction by the advertising system, which will operate as a conduit for communication between content providers and advertisers. When all is said and done, the advertiser will have incurred less financial losses, while the content producer will have reaped more financial rewards. We will provide the people who see the advertising a negligible amount of profit and give them the choice to spend it while they are participating in other activities, such as watching videos or playing mobile games, so that they are not adversely affected by the situation as a whole.

The “Crypto Social Network” project is the first one that we are working on that isn’t directly linked to our core purpose. We are working on it because we believe it will be beneficial to the cryptocurrency community. It is a social network that does not collect any personally identifiable information about its users, regardless of whether they have given their permission or not. Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms, which we use quite frequently in today’s society, generate a profit by selling the user data that they acquire without the consent of the users to governments as well as to business executives. This practice is legal in some countries, but not in others. And the governments or bosses who buy these items have the capacity to control and influence people using the data that they obtain because they have purchased these things.

In addition, these social networks remove some information when they feel uneasy about it or when they are paid to do so, while simultaneously boosting other content and providing users of social networks with content that is not objective. This is done while simultaneously providing users of social networks with content that is not objective. One piece of study came to the conclusion that the manipulation algorithms that are present in social networks contribute to the polarization of society and pose a danger to social harmony. Because of this, they bring a great deal of trouble along with them.

Our social network project will not be administered under the supervision of any governments or other overseers since it does not include the gathering of data from our users in any way, regardless of whether or not they have given their agreement for such collection. In addition, we will not implement any algorithms that are designed to influence users on our social network; hence, our users will not be vulnerable to being manipulated in any way. When we accomplish this goal, individuals will no longer be susceptible to persuasion, and ideas that are rational and advantageous will emerge as the most prominent.

In addition to the major project that we are working on, the second sub-project that we are working on is the creation of a website for video sharing that will provide consumers and those who develop video content a stable and much enhanced profit structure. The purpose of this project is to develop a system that is useful to users, also known as viewers of video content, as well as those individuals who are responsible for the production of video content. The advertising business is the single most important factor in ensuring the system’s continued fiscal health. Take for example the scenario in which a movie that has received one million views has earned a profit of five hundred dollars. This gain may be traced back to the money that was produced via advertising, but the content provider will only get a maximum of $150 from the total revenue that was earned, which was $500. In addition to the tax deductions that are taken, the many intermediary institutions that are paid result in a large drop in the amount of money that is made available to the person who first created the material. After deducting the expenses associated with running the system from the profit of $500, our objective is to distribute what is remaining among the customers and the individuals who were responsible for producing the content. Because users, advertisers, and content producers will all utilize “ANTc” coins throughout this distribution, we will be able to maintain the same volume of our currency. This will allow us to keep our prices steady.

Due to the fact that it will be constructed on the premise of respecting the privacy of its users, this system will not collect any information about its users or the individuals who develop content. This website is distinct from other services that let users to share videos online since “ANTc” will be used as a method of payment to content creators. Other platforms allow users to upload, share, and view videos online. Thanks to this system, content producers will be able to get their income based on the viewing and advertising display rates within the same day, and they will also be able to convert those earnings into cash or other currencies.

– Ant Network (ANTc) is an asset held by TRC-20 that promotes community engagement in the governance of the ANTc Project. ANTc holders will have the right to debate, propose, and vote on any amendments that are made to either our project or our aim.



Worker Ant

Mining Speed: +2/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 48 ANTC


Soldier Ant

Mining Speed: +4.5/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 108 ANTC


Reproductive Ant

Mining Speed: +15/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 360 ANTC


Male Ant

Mining Speed: +35/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 840 ANTC


Queen Ant

Mining Speed: +75/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 1800 ANTC


Caste systems are a distinctive feature of ant communities, which are distinguished by their hierarchical organization. There are numerous different groups to be found inside an ant colony.

The care of the baby ants, as well as their feeding and cleaning, falls within the purview of the worker ant, who also tends to the Queen ant. These ants are in charge of carrying out all of the work that has to be done inside the ant colony.

The worker ants in the colony are grouped around the queen ant, which acts as the colony’s center. Through the act of reproduction, it makes certain that the colony will continue to exist.

It is the job of the male ants to ensure that the eggs laid by the queens are fertilized with their sperm. Following the process of reproduction, the great majority of these ants will die.

In addition to this, there are other ants that are known as Soldier ants, and whose job is to protect the colony from outside threats. Reproductive ants are the ones that go out into the world to create new nests.


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