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 In order to move the four hundred billion dollar annual revenue of the advertising sector into the realm of cryptocurrency.

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Free social networking service that does not engage in data manipulation of its users.
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Video-sharing platform that is cost-free, limitless, and lucrative


White Paper on the Ant Network, Version 1.0


1. Brief Introductory Remarks

2. The Point of the Project in Its Totality

3. A map of the route 1. The opening statement

​ Ant Network is a cryptocurrency that differs from Bitcoin in that it is built on a mobile-based mining method. This system offers a new point of view to the cryptocurrency market since it does not need any use of electricity. The primary objective of this digital currency, which takes its name from the insect commonly known as the “ant” due to its reputation for hard work and ability to perform its duties in perfect unison with other members of its colony, is to make it possible for individuals to enter the cryptocurrency market without expending any time or effort by means of the community they have developed while interacting with mobile devices.

​ We are well aware that a large number of individuals are unable to enter the world of cryptocurrency for a variety of straightforward reasons and hence miss out on numerous chances that come knocking at their door. This is the point at which our purpose becomes relevant… We make it possible for consumers as well as the cryptocurrency world to succeed by incorporating ordinary activities like playing games and viewing videos into the world of cryptocurrencies. These activities don’t need any effort or time on the user’s part. 2. The Point of the Project in Its Totality

Our objective is to break the advertising industry’s monopoly on a market that is worth over 400 billion dollars yearly and is controlled by a few of multinational corporations by introducing it to the world of cryptocurrencies. Before we can accomplish this tremendous objective, there is a lengthy list of work that has to be done on our end. Projects that do not directly contribute to this primary objective might be seen as preparatory steps toward achieving this primary objective.

Only accounting for system costs, multinational corporations in the advertising sector turn a profit of approximately 40 percent. This loss of 40 percent has a significant impact on all parties involved, including users, advertisers, and content creators. While marketers are willing to pay more for advertising, content providers are seeing their earnings decrease, and consumers are being coerced into watching more advertisements. In addition, users, or those who see the advertisement, do not benefit in any way from it in any way.

Because of this, Ant Network is the primary objective of the company. The establishment of a system in which consumers, content providers, and marketers would all come out ahead is the primary objective of Ant Network. The advertising system will function as a conduit for communication between content creators and advertisers, and a commission or system fee deduction of between 5 and 3 percent is expected to be deducted from each transaction. When all is said and done, the advertiser will have spent less money, while the content creator will have made more money. We will provide the viewers of the advertisements with a minuscule amount of profit and the option to spend it while they are engaged in other activities, such as viewing videos or playing mobile games, so that they are not negatively impacted by this circumstance.

​ The “Crypto Social Network” project is the first one that we are working on that isn’t directly related to our primary objective. It is a social network that does not gather the personal information of its users, with or without their consent. Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms, which we use rather often in today’s society, generate a profit by selling the user data they acquire without the users’ consent to governments as well as to business executives. And the governments or bosses who acquire these products have the ability to manage and steer populations using the data they collect.

​ In addition, these social networks remove some information when they feel uneasy about it or when they are paid to do so, while simultaneously boosting other content and providing users of social networks with content that is not objective. According to the findings of one piece of research, the manipulation algorithms that can be found in social networks contribute to the polarization of society and threaten social harmony. As a result, they bring a lot of problems with them.

​ Because it does not include the collecting of data from our users, whether with or without their consent, our social network project will not run under the coordination of any governments or supervisors. In addition, we won’t utilize any manipulative algorithms on our social network, so our users won’t be susceptible to being manipulated. When we reach this objective, people will no longer be able to be influenced, and sensible and beneficial ideas will rise to the forefront.

​ In addition to our primary project, our second sub-project is the establishment of a video sharing website that will provide both consumers and those who generate video content with a permanent and improved profit structure. This project’s goal is to create a system that is beneficial for users, often known as watchers of video material, as well as those who create video content. The advertising industry is the primary contributor to the financial stability of the system. Take, for instance, the case where a film that has garnered one million views has generated a profit of $500. The income generated through advertisements is the source of this gain, however the content provider will only get a maximum of $150 from the total revenue of $500. The revenue of the content creator is significantly decreased as a result of the various intermediate institutions that are paid, in addition to the tax deductions that are taken. After subtracting the cost of operating the system from the profit of $500, our goal is to divide what is left over among the consumers and the people who produced the material. During this distribution, users, advertisers, and content providers will all use “ANTc” coins; as a result, we will be able to keep the volume of our currency stable.

This system will not gather any data on its users or the people who generate content since it will be built on the principle of protecting users’ privacy. The fact that “ANTc” will be utilized as a mode of payment to content providers sets this website apart from other services that allow users to share videos online. Content creators will be able to get their revenues according to the watching and advertising display rates, within the day, thanks to this mechanism, and they will be able to convert those earnings into cash or other currencies.

3. The road map

– Ant Network (ANTc) is an asset owned by TRC-20 that facilitates community participation in the governance of the ANTc Project. ANTc holders will have the ability to discuss, propose, and vote on any modifications that are made to either our project or our goal.



Worker Ant

Mining Speed: +2/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 48 ANTC


Soldier Ant

Mining Speed: +4.5/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 108 ANTC


Reproductive Ant

Mining Speed: +15/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 360 ANTC


Male Ant

Mining Speed: +35/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 840 ANTC

Queen Ant

Mining Speed: +75/H
Contract: 60 Day
Growing: 24Hour & 1800 ANTC


Ant societies are characterized by the existence of caste systems. In an ant colony, there are many distinct groups.​

The worker ant is responsible for the care of the Queen ant, as well as the feeding and cleaning of the young. These ants are responsible for all of the labor that has to be done inside the colony.​

The queen ant serves as the nucleus around which the colony is organized. It ensures the continuance of the colony via the process of reproduction.​

It is the responsibility of the male ants to fertilize the eggs of the queen ants. After mating, the vast majority of these ants will perish.​

In addition to this, there are other ants known as Soldier ants, who are responsible for guarding the colony, and Reproductive ants, which travel to establish new nests.


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