adviev site for profit from the Internet

Explain the adviev site to profit from the Internet and earn money easily for beginners in the field of profit from the Internet.

What is advive site?

It is a platform to work on the Internet in exchange for making money. The Alexa ranking is very high, the number of users on the adviev site is more than 51,704 people, the total payments are $6,732, and there are many proofs of daily withdrawals, so you can work on the adviev site with confidence.

How adviev works

The adviev site is very simple and the way the site works, the site displays a set of ads every day that you can click on so that you can earn money, and the prices of ads differ from one person to another, depending on the number of your points on the site and the group you are in, and the prices of ads can reach the day to more than 31 dollars.

 How to register on the Adviev website and create a new account

In order to be able to create an account on the Adviev website and press SIGN UP

  • Then you enter your first name 
  • E-mail 
  • user name 
  • The password 
  • Then confirm the password again 
  • Then you do the payment method 
  • And press on me, I am not a bot 
  • And you agree to the terms of the site 
  • Then you click on Register 

After that, the adviev website asks to confirm your account through the email account that you registered with on the site. You go to the e-mail, and you will click on the link in the message that the site sent, and thus you can confirm your account on the adviev site

How to work on the site 

After logging in to the adviev site, you can work easily by clicking on the ads. You go to the paid ads so that you can work on the site, and you will click on the set of ads that appear to you every day.

Ad prices differ from one group to another, and when you click on the ads, you get points and move to another group, and you can buy points until you move to a higher group and raise the price
of  the ads

How to withdraw from adviev

When you reach the minimum withdrawal limit from the site, you can withdraw your profits through Bitcoin or Payeer, and there are other methods.