Adviev Money

Profit from watching videos is one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet, and many young beginners resort to it to earn their first dollars from the Internet.

It is true that this field requires a lot of time and effort to collect some dollars, but it is considered a free method and does not require investment or experience.

Adviev is one of the oldest sites for profit from videos , and it is an honest site until now, and we hope it stays like this for a longer period.

You will accompany us, my friend, on this topic, so that we can learn together how to  profit from watching videos  from the Ad viev site, as well as the withdrawal methods available in it, and the method of withdrawing your profits as well, so follow us.

Profit from watching videos is $0.25 from the easiest Adviev site

The site  for profit from watching videos, Ad viev, puts at your disposal a group of 15 videos from YouTube. You will enter these videos and watch them until the end to get the money.

But before that and during registration on the site, you must specify the withdrawal method by which you will take your money, and these are all withdrawal methods:

Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, CoinPayments.

Ways to profit from  Advive

The site  for making money from watching videos , Adviev, includes three ways to collect dollars for free, as follows:

Earn from watching videos

Immediately after registering on the  Ad viev profit site , you will see the PAID ADS box, click on it to go to the videos that you should watch.

You will click on the red Earn box, and you will be taken to YouTube to watch the video. Moments before the end of the video, a four-digit code will appear to you. You must remember this code well and then return to the site.

You will find a small box and put that code in it, then press Confirm, and this is how you will get the amount of $0.0015.

So, in the same way, my friend, open all the YouTube videos on the Adviev site, and you will see that you will reach $ 1 in a few days.

Adviev coin collection 

The site  for profit from watching videos  Ad viev  has its own currency called BAP, the more you collect many of this currency, the amount of watching videos that you earn will automatically increase.

Thus, you can collect some dollars in a short time and withdraw them directly to your own wallet.

And in order to know more details about this topic, you will find in the interface of the Adviev profit site a BAP GROUP EARNINGS box, click on it and an explanatory table for the BAP currency will appear.

For example if you have between 0 and 19 BAP, you will get $0.02 for each video view.

And if you have between 20 and 2600 BAP, your earning per view will increase to $0.0225 per video.

Thus, whenever you have a large number of   Ad viev currency, you will earn more money in a short time.

In order to collect this currency, you will click on the BAP ADS field in the interface of the site, enter the advertisements that you will find, wait for a few seconds, and then get the currency.

Earn from referral link

My brother, you can double your profits from the  profit site from the Internet by watching the Adviev video, by using your friends, acquaintances, and family in a smart way.

You will invite them to register on the site and work on it as you do, through the referral link that you will find when you click on the menu.

You can also publish this link on all social networking sites in which you have accounts, such as WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and others…

This effort that you have made will be rewarded by obtaining a reward from the Ad viev site, which is 3% of the total profits of your friends from the  profit from watching videos .

How to withdraw from the  profit site by watching Ad viev videos 

After we got acquainted, my friend, with the methods of withdrawing from the  profit site by watching Adviev videos, which we mentioned at the beginning of this topic.

And when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, which is only $0.25, you will go to the withdrawal field by clicking on the menu, then on Finance, and then click on Request Withdrawal.

You will just put the amount that you earned from watching the videos and then click on Submit, and the amount will be sent to your wallet within 24 hours.


Note, my friend, you will find some packages on the   Ad viev profit site , which, if you buy them, will give you more daily profits than you earn from the free method.

But to be honest, we advise you not to buy these packages and not to risk putting your money in this site, although it is an old and honest site, but unfortunately most of these sites are closed at any moment.

That is why we invite you, my friend, to follow the free method that was explained in this topic, and just collect some dollars and do not risk your money and good luck.