A new currency is coming strongly

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The Telegram Open Community (TON) is a blockchain-based digital initiative that aspires to be rapid, secure, scalable, and capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. It was built with these traits in mind. TON was created to be a highly scalable alternative to Ethereum’s smart contracts and decentralized functionality, and it meets both of these aims.

The TON logo, which is in the form of a triangle, portrays Gram, TON’s personal service token. In addition to being made available for usage outside of the Telegram app, it will operate as the major cryptocurrency for the in-app financial system.

Several of the Most Interesting Substitutes Security The system is encrypted in a way that is comparable to that of Telegram, and it provides an additional level of safety against attacks by hackers.

Pace TON, which adds greater speed and scalability to the architecture, has made it possible for a multi-blockchain infrastructure to perform tens of thousands of transactions per second. This capability was made possible by Pace TON.

Anonymity Given that the customer base is fully anonymous and there is no public record of the transactions that have taken place, it is difficult for any form of outside influence to exist inside the organization.

There has never been an easier time in history to get speedy access to money coming from other nations.

TON is faster than the blockchains of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it may even be faster than Visa and Mastercard when it comes to transaction speed; we’re talking about more than 1,000,000 transactions per second here.

It is quite probable that the information chain that results from all activities will be shared among Telegram users rather than being stored on the computers of each individual client.